Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 87

209.8 OMG! just one more day in March! This year seems to be flying by at light speed.

yesterday i watched THE DOCTORS they finished their weight loss challenge. one of the guys lost 70 some pounds in 51 days and one of the ladies lost 52 pounds ( i think it was that 50 something any way) Made me feel bad I only lost 26 till I looked at them. They really had a lot to loose compared with me.....any way that is my story and I'm sticking to it!

It did inspire me to order the 17 day diet off Amazon to see what the hype is all about just incase there some "magic" secret I missed.... I probably just helped the economy! Oh plus enriched the publisher and the doctor that wrote it. Probably eat right get to the gym....

Which I screwed up this morning by waking up at 7:20 instead of 6:20. I just couldn't get moving this morning. So I decide to ENJOY my coffee. Eat my breakfast at a leisurely pace after waiting an hour for my thyroid pill ( like I'm supposed to do it, not 20 minutes). I'll go to the gym later maybe do night Zumba or just hop on the arc machine....

Any way I made myself a favorite treat straight from Jillian Michaels web site ( you know the mean lady trainer off Biggest loser). Light Ricotta cheese, walnuts and cinnamon ( I added Splenda to it sorry I like a little sweet) food process the walnut then add the rest, do it again. DONE! To me it taste like a really good cannoli filling. Jillian uses it as a snack for her food plan, but I use it any old time especially when I need a pick-me-up. WAY better than any yogurt. Oh and she uses the fat free ricotta (YUCK, tried it the texture is awful and the taste is so far off regular ricotta cheese, I don't know how they call it ricotta! ) I use the part skim ( much better) So I only use 1/2 c not a cup ( you lose protein this way so you might want to use the fat free maybe you'll find a better one than I did), I used more than the 2 tablespoons of walnuts more like 3 and I up the cinnamon from a 1/4 t to 1/2t and of course the Splenda 1 or 2 t.

This is my comfort food. I even made it when I wasn't watching my diet and eating healthy.

My butt really hurts from Total Body work out yesterday.... wow! Kimberlee! OUCH! Guess i'll do a little yoga and increase my flexibility....

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