Friday, February 29, 2008

OH gee whiz!

Well, I'm not aging well... losing it completely in the memory dept. Courtney's birthday was on the first World Trade center bombing NOT Oklahoma bombing that was two years later... My brain has mashed the two events for some reason.

Katie's Bday was yesterday. She's 12! My baby! YIKES! Soon I'll have no children in elementary school. OMG! I'm OLD!

We went in search of webkins with her B-day cash. We had ice cream cones not cake, today will be cake at her sleep over. We went to Applebee's for dinner to get her ribs. I fooled her into thinking that the wait staff wasn't going to sing to her {Evil laughter} She turned a lovely shade of RED. I think both girls liked their outfits I bought for a change. I know Courtney really love the skull and heart print bra and pantie set...especially opening it in front of her boyfriend. YES, I know I'm an evil mom! Got get my laughs where I can... Any way she said that is was comfortable bra. Katie liked hers too. Katie looks great in her outfit. I've got to get a pictures. So grown up looking! Sniff!

Got some Christmas in the mail yesterday! A HUGE box from the Predators! Full of goodies! And I mean FULL! there was hats, stickers, shirts , jerseys... heck there was even a chip clip! I was amazed! Tiffany said she was sending a box because there was a mix up with the gift certificates when Jim had arranged the business function with them. WOW! Some apology! That organization sure make things right when they goof!

I fell off the wagon BIG time this week. I've been eating horribly and haven't been to the gym since Monday. Today I'm getting back on, and I'm not going to beat myself up for change about being bad just try to make up for it in work outs and eating sensibly...of course I'm not hopping on the scale for a few days either.... YIKES!
I am however going to at least have one slice of both girls' ice cream cakes... So I'll do two zumba classes....

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

OMG! fifteen!

At this time 15 years ago I was just getting to the hospital after my water broke at 5 AM. Little did I know I was in for a LONG day!

Today is also the anniversary of the Okalhoma bombing. I watched all day on the news while in labor. Thinking OMG I'm bring a child into world that does those things? But the world is a much better place with the addition of Courtney kind of balances the horible things a bit at least in my mind, of course I'm her mother, I maybe a bit bias.

This weekend Courtney and her crew are going to go play laser tag to celebrate. Courtney also is going to her "surprise" party Friday. Cory, the idiot, let the cat out of the bag so it isn't so much of a surprise any more... I hope Ashley, the hostess of the event, pops him a good one, the moron!

Today will be about the family party. Vegetarian dinner tonight and a cheese cake will be bought. I've got to wrap her presents. Her room redo was the big one, but I bought some clothes too. Something to open up is always fun.

Better get ready for the day! Still sitting here in my Pjs.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Babbling on about nothing much

I'm tired this morning all bloated like a puffer fish. Not really sure why. I haven't been bad eating. I probably need to drink more water.

Jim is coming home today supposedly. I haven't heard squat from him. I called him during the game last night twice and got voice mail.

The big excitement around here is UT beat Memphis in college basketball. So much hype! the ticket were selling for crazy amounts! Some one paid $10,000 for a front row...NUTS! UT is number one for the first time ever. I bet Knoxville is nuts right now...

My Preds let me down last night, BUT to be fair one of the best forwards had the flu, one is out with knee issues and one went down in the game with knee issues... Boo Hoo! luckily they have some time off till Weds.

Went through part of my closet, pulled out all my size 20's I could find. I tried some on and was totally shocked! OMG! they were HUGE! I could fit another person in them! Was I really that BIG? I'm so pleased with myself right now! I thinned myself, and I thinned my closet a bit. I really hadn't bought too many 20's because it just really isn't fun to buy that size or to shop when you are that size. Let's face it nothing looks good when you feel fat. I felt like I was tent shopping back then and really unhappy with myself. Just 20 more pounds and I'll be one happy camper about my weight at least!

I got scolded last night for screaming at the game. This blond fat bimbo that comes equipped to the game with romance novels... She was VERY lucky I was in a pretty good mood.... I told her sorry but I get into the game that I could not guarranty I would not "shriek" again. If I was in a bad mood I'd told her go read her stupid romance novels at home with her fat wallrus husband, and that I sick of their PDAs. It's like to hogs going at it.... I probably would have got punched...ROFL! They don't have season tickets just the ten pack but they are at the games enough to annoy me.
I think I'm getting an air horn....EVIL LAUGH....

I'm going to do the 15 minute fly lady pick up down stairs and in my bedroom then call the house ready for Jim's home coming. Maybe I'll scrap....

Have a good one!

Friday, February 22, 2008


Debra and I at the Carolina game.

Woo Hoo! I'm officially only 20 pounds over weight! This is according to the BMI that say for 5'6" 154 is in the just right zone. Funny how 20 pounds doesn't seem like much after losing over 50 pounds. I just maybe ready for bathing suit season! That will be a first!

I dragged Debra as my date to the Canucks vs Preds game. Jim is off in Orlando for work. The Preds lost a heart breaker in over time last night 50 some shots on goal ...and two disallowed goals... GROWL! The refs really screwed the Preds. Oh well! they at least got a point and are tied for 5th place in the western conference. On to the the next game! They play the Stars Saturday. GO PREDS!

Well, better get busy and get something done around here. Got get the house in Birthday party order. Courtney and Katie both will be having parties next weekend.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Happy Hump Day!

Our season ticket Holder Hockey buddies!
Teresa and Collin

They sit next to me every game. Put up with all my screaming and silliness! We watch each other's purses, etc.

Last nights game was a nail biter. Preds blew two 2 point leads BUT at least they did NOT pull a Rangers...up 5 to zip and LOSE the game. Holy cow! JP ccame through!


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Weighing In

I don't bother to weigh myself the week before my period some times two weeks before. I'm the water weight QUEEN. No matter what I eat. Watching the sodium doesn't do a bit of good. I gain 3 to 5 pounds in water. After my period is done it vanishes. Often times I get back on the scale afterward to a at least a pound loss. It is just depressing and down heartening to weigh during the "bloat". Weighing then just leads to the "poor me's" which translates to I might as well have that slice of pizza because doing everything right doesn't matter... Self defeating....

I've lost 54 pounds! 229 to 175! Just 25 more pounds!!!

I think I'm just walking today. I've done zumba the last 3 days and a very small amount of weight training. I need to get on that again...

Courtney had a wonderful time at her ball. I need to post some of the pictures she took. I may be a tad bit bias, but I think she's the prettiest of the lot! LOL!

Jim is home again till tomorrow... He got home Sunday from San Diego. Poor man is sick. He is off to Orlando Wednesday. At least it should be warm there! I'd love a few days by the pool... Can I just leave the girls??? Guess not. I'd miss my hockey games any way...ROFL!

My puppy has severe Pica disorder... Just removed a pen cap from her mouth, before that it was paper and before that was a fuzz ball from some poor disembowled stuffed animal. Good thing she is cute! Stupid dog! She's be blond if she were human...

Well Happy Tuesday! And last, but not least, GO PREDATORS!!!! KICK SOME OILER ASS!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Katie's room is pretty much finished. We got the window treatments up and some of the art work. Katie's poster from Girls Southern Rock Camp very cool matches the room perfectly. We bought some fabulous funky flamingoes... going to be so CUTE! oops! Rad or funky? take your pick.....

Courtney is sitting here bothering me stiffling my creative out put.... So there! Wish I had a tougue symbol....:P

Now Courtney's room is a PAIN! She hated the black curtains we found, PITA (pain in the that ass for future reference)We did find some very cool green fringe for over the windows, some candles and a hanging fabric light. All very funky! Should have her room put together soon.

Preds blew it last night. Hopefully today they rebound and kill the coyotes...

Youngest had a gaggle of girlfriends over last night. They got into perfume and my bonus room smells like a cheap whore house or a bad perfume counter at the mall take your pick...

I can no longer bare the smell so. I'm retreating to less smeller places int he house and hiding said perfumes!

Thursday, February 7, 2008


Life is GOOD!!! I may reach my goal of 150 before summer! I think getting more sleep is the key. I've gotten at least 7 1/2 hours a night for the past few nights. Going to try to keep getting to bed earlier. Amazing how much difference one hour makes on my mood, energy level, skin, puffiness, etc... Sleep the biggest weight loss secret! Who knew?!


Katie's Bed

All that needs finsihed are the window treatments and a pictures put up! the treatments are black and white "pearls" on satin ribbons. It's going to be so COOL!
Katie loves it! I'm a happy MOM!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


WOO HOO! I'm a Happy Camper! I'll be over the moon if I hit 176 tomorrow. If not I'll still be pleased with myself. A 5K under my belt, 2 pounds gone, the Predators in 7th place,and the girls rooms repainted. It's all good!

Off to move furniture back and "dress" the rooms!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Guess I just had to whine, moan, & complain. Here's too seeing 177 before March!

Here is to getting a really good nights sleep! nine hours! That just maybe key. I need to sleep more. I'm going to try it the rest of the week to get to bed as early as possible. My adverage is about 5 or 6 a night. It really needs to be 7 or 8. Puppies don't help with sleep either... Good thing she is cute!

I HAVE LOST INCHES I must remember that muscle weighs more than fat (that's why my brother Andy sinks to the bottom of a pool like a FAT...I'm not really sure we are related...LOL!) BUT I still like seeing the scale MOVE! I was hoping to be 150 by March because that is when we started working out and working with a trainer. It just may take a few more months to reach my goal...At a pound a month maybe a few years... WHINE....

Monday, February 4, 2008


I'm thrilled the Giants won the superbowl! I'd be thrilled that any team won except the Pats. WOO HOO!

The scale is stuck at 179. It teases me waivering toward 178... Guess I'll have to get my jaw wired shut or start living at the gym... Seriously I work out at least 45 minutes to a hour almost every day at least 5 to 6 days a week usually a 600 calorie burn or more. Some days I work out more. My diet is really good for the most part... OK I occasionally have the odd frozen banana or dessert on my birthday... Hey, I could be hit by a bus tomorrow got to live a little! Oh well, I'm going to try to lay off the treats this month... wish me LUCK! I'm going to need it!

The girls' rooms get painted today! Can't wait to see the results! They are both pretty wild! Vibrant! They'll make a statement for sure... I'll post pictures later.

Have a good one!

Sunday, February 3, 2008


Welcome to Super Bowl Sunday. Holy Cow! So much hype! Here's to hoping the Giants give the Pats a game.

I was very proud of myself yesterday. Courtney and I ran the Predators 5K. I ran most of the first mile. I actually ran probably 2/3 of the race. I did it in about 43 minutes. Pretty good for an old, fat, white girl. ROFL! I was toying with the idea of training for the Music City marathon. I don't think even a half marathon is in my near future. I will do some more 5Ks. I will start jogging around my neighborhood. I doubt seriously if I'd ever win a race, but running the whole away would be a victory for me! I'm surprisingly NOT too sore. My thighs are a bit tender, but aside from that I'm good. Guess I'm fitter than I thought!

Courtney ran the whole race, and then puked her guts up. I missed that sight. She really didn't train for it, and should have. She did about her normal time though from when she was doing cross country. I've got to go look up the times. They'll be posted.

The hockey game last night was exciting! Preds won! I had a splitting head ache. I thought I was getting a migraine, of course I'd run out of my purse stash of pain reliever. LONG DAY! We went shopping after the race and found Courtney some good black shoes to go with the beautiful dress we found for the Military ball. She can wear these over and over after the ball for other occasions. Too much packed into one day is probably why I was getting the head ache. Probably didn't eat enough food either or at least the right kind of food. Where do frozen chocolate dipped banana's fall on the food pyramid? LOL!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Predators 5K!

Courtney and I will be runing this morning. My first race ever! I'll be really happy to finish it! Wish us luck!