Monday, June 29, 2009

Lake pics of the kiddos

We went to the Center Hill lake to meet up with the two Beagle families. Jim took the collective kiddos tubing and snapped off some quick pics with his camera phone. I'm still trying to use up a water camera from last summer! Most my shots are of adults floating around consuming alcohol...ROFL! oh and me amazing everyone with my absolutely no need for floatation devices of any kind. I have built ins...LOL!

Mike & Linda's pontoon boat Thanks for the invite! Plus introducing us to that wonderful restaurant on the Lake! new stomping grounds for SURE!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's day flash back...

Finally the pool seems to be totally UP and running properly.Jim enjoying the fruits of all the labor on Father's Day.

The girls and I got "fart" humor cards. You have to understand my family is stuck on 2 grade humor forever...farts are fun...ROFL! We got him the the first two seasons of Two and a Half Men and a "Charlie" style outfit. Courtney had bought, her daddy a tee-shirt from Navy Pier when she was in Chicago.

I made pancakes for breakfast. We tried out the new restaurant Limestone Grill Mexican & Seafood grill for lunch it was tasty! I made Curried shrimp & chicken with peanut sauce and rice pilaf for dinner. We ate pretty well all day EXCEPT I forgot to make a dessert!

I'll be making cookies today!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Moon Pie Festival

Jim read about the moon pie Festival being on again in Bell Buckle, TN. It had been years since we had last gone. Katie was in the stroller LONG... so off we went... got lost a little even with two GPSs...HELPS IF YOU USE THEM! Gee who knew ...ROFL!

OMG! it was HOT! Heat index of 103 F. YIKES! Our Moonpies were melted! I got mine all over my nice white shirt.

Gangs all here again!OMG! I'm FAT again... so much for the 57 pounds..
moonpie boy!

We didn't stay long it was just too darn hot...

Oh Friday we picked up Courtney at Governor's school and guess who forgot her camera... I'm hoping they'll post all the photos on the facebook site so I can steal them!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Scrapping! Finding Inspiration

I tried to replicate Katie's hoodie she purchased on her shopping B-day Party. Fun and funky. I really need some inspiration lately. No light bulbs seemed to pop into my head... UNTIL I looked closely at some funky fabrics I think though funky fabrics are great inspirations!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Up Dates

Jim was in Atlanta for a week almost at the start of June on business. He is now happily back. He took in a Braves game and a bit of sight seeing, all part of the social networking for this event.

Katie went to Camp YI June 6th with her two BFFs Shelby and Emily. Here's the photos from the camp CD.



Water Front!

Yeah! for tubing!

Luau Dance


all the cabin mates We picked up Katie Saturday. She had a great time as usual.

Saturday June 6th Jim and I went to UT Martin to visit courtney at Govenor's school. Talk about ONE HORSE towns! We had trouble finding a sit-down restuarant. I seriously doubt that Courtney will go to UT Martin way too small! YIKES! but she is getting the hang of what is expected of college level courses. They just got back from their trips to St Louis and Chicago. Courtney is echoing Katie's desire to go back to St Louis. (Katie's band trip went there this spring. She loved it.)

We pick up Courtney at UT Martin Friday. We're having the house watched while we are gone. There has been a series of break ins in our neighborhood. Guess it is a sign of the economy, and why you don't want low income apartments too near! The police found some of the stolen property at those apartments from our neighborhood. SAD.

Today I'm finally scrapping again! Results on tomorrows blog entry.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Hockey Circle journal

Pages for Candace!

Her theme for her album is Top 5 Favorite hockey moments.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Reading by the pool...

Kim Harrison's great series if you like paranormal, action with a touch of romance thrown in and quite a bit of humor.Think of a paranormal Stephanie Plum ( Janet Evanovich's series)Thank you JoBeth for the book!looking forward to "White Witch, Black Curse" I have three to send you that are fun. Good beach reading...

So this is why I haven't been blogging or scrapping. I've been baking myself in the sun reading or floating around baking myself in the sun while reading............
... Oh and getting Katie's stuff ready to go to camp.Wally-world (aka walmart) shopping oh joys... Plus giving the dogs baths... they are infested with FLEAS. They both had three baths this week. They've been sprayed with flea spray Not happy dogs. I put the spot stuff on them. It hasn't helped. Poor Dyson has pretty much chewed his butt bald. Cookie doesn't seem to be as allergic to the nasty little beasties, BUT she is digging. We're going to the vets for some help as soon as I can get a hold of them some staff development meeting was going on when I called this morning till 2PM. they need their yearly shots too. I also need to take our cat, Precious she's done something to her legs. I thought it was getting better, but now it seems worse. Poor thing!

I finally got my MIL gift wrapped... oh well this way it spreads the birthday out ..right! SORRY MARGIE!