Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day 173 & 174

I lost an inch on my waist! WOO HOO! measured this morning :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day 169- 172

I'm slacking!!!! YIKES! No really been extremely busy! Monday Katie and drove to Memphis to see the New Kids on the Block and the Back Street Boys. I had to start driving back at 2:30 AM so I could be at MTSU Customs for Courtney's Freshman orientation. OMG! that was LONG.... Any way Courtney is now officially signed up for classes al we have to do is sign the CHECK.

After all that I've been a tad on the EXHAUSTED side. I think I've now caught up on sleep. I BLEW sensible eating out of the water the last two days. I'm going to go back on the 17 day diet on Monday. Not going any where near the scale till then. Not beating myself up over it either. Just exercise a bit more this weekend. I did do a bit of walking in Memphis. heck I'd gone to the gym that morning. We walked on Campus quite a bit but I ate BAD things. Yesterday, i did walk the dogs but that is it. Ate at Zaxby's
the Kickin' Chicken sandwich meal ( thank god I only ate about 1/2 the fries) that meal is 1198 calories!!! BAD, BAD, BAD! Later I made a banana split. Breyer's light ice cream BUT I made chocolate fudge sauce, and had a cup not a half a cup of ice cream. You have to have fun sometimes...

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Day 168

So i'm thinking about dusting off my writing skills, meager as they maybe, and writing about losing weight. Not sure how i'm going to approach it. humor most likely. It's a thought.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Day 167

Exhausted!After yesterday's Two hours of Zumba on top of pool volley-ball, swimming Total body work out and dog walking is a bit MUCH. I over did and under ate.... Period started... All leads to Exhaustion. Swollen like a puffer fish!

Today I cooled my jets and just took doggies walkies for exercise. I've eaten more. :)

Making home made hot and sour soup. YUM!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

day 165 &166

194.8 YIPPEE! This is AWESOME! In May I struggled so much now in June pounds are just dropping off. I'm a happy camper!

I think I was just stressed so much in May with the van breaking down, sweeper, and garbage disposal. Getting the house ready for Company coming, and graduation. Even though those are happy occasions it is stressful.

Right now life is rather uneventful. Or events we don't have to do like Rock Island and the Concert....Zumba party tonight! That reminds me I've got to go hang up my Zumba clothes to dry!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 164

195.8 Woo Hoo!

i'm not sure what I'm doing right, but i'm going to keep on doing it! i think my thyroid medication has actually kicked in better now I'm making myself wait the hour before i eat. i fudge a bit on the time. Walking the dogs in the morning might be it. Eating MORE might be it, swimming??? i've cut out a lot of bread, pasta and rice.... IDK so I'll just keep them all up till things change.

As for the 17 day diet I managed 3 days. I just didn't like the 2 fruits before 2PM. I eat more fruit than vegetables. i don't see what it wrong with that either. If I reach another plateau I'll do it again for a few days. i guess I've been following the 2nd level on my own.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Day 163


Maybe I was under eating? Over exercising? Any way I'm HAPPY!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day 161 & 162

Not on the straight and narrow :(

I don't know what is with me this week. Half the week I do everything right and half I blow it to hell... Since bunco Thursday I've been eating everything in sight. Sabotaging myself. I don't get it. I just got my behind back into my Ralph Lauren size 14 jean Capri. From a tight 22 to 14 in 5 months is stunning I hope to be in a 8 in the next 5 months. WHY am I doing this ??? I really, really want to be healthy and to buy what ever clothes I want. NO MORE SELF-SABOTAGE!!!

A new day starts tomorrow. Going to go find some skinny pictures of me and put them all over. QUIT EATING YOUR FEELINGS AND GO SWIM, OR FOR A WALK.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 159 &160

We went rock hopping at Rock Island Wednesday. I'm not sure if I'm sore from that still or Andi's Total Body Work out from yesterday.

I fell off the wagon yesterday for the 17 day diet (SHAME ON ME). I have one word to say for myself, BUNCO! The food is usually pretty awesome. I did over eat but not more 2500 calories so I should be OK in Maintaining.... that's the theory any way.

I've already walked the dogs and Zumba is at 9:30AM and I'm sure I'll swim today so i don't feel too bad about my slip.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day 158

197.4 .... Well, can expect the scale to go down 3 days in a row, BUT i'd like it to do it!

I've found I'm not much of a vegetable eater. Ugg! I like them but i need salt, butter, cheese.... Fruit and the probiotics no problem.

Katie and I did the face mask thing. i guess you have to get ugly to get beautiful?

Katie and I walked on the Greenway, FOUR miles yesterday. It was HOT! HOLY COW! Going at 10:30 wasn't our best move. EARLY or late. You just bake where there isn't shade. But i got to see the waterfall and dip my pinkies in it.

Today we are supposed to go to Rock Island. We shall see.... My stupid engine light came on again in the van. Bad gas? Crap repair job.... OLD VAN!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 157

197.4 YIPPEE!!!!

SO I'm not sure if it is the 17 Day Diet or the 1200 to 1300 calories that made the scale go down. I have not eaten an bread. Lots of salmon, skinless chicken and a egg a day. Eating all those vegetables! You have to eat a lot of vegetables to have any calories. So you aren't hungry! Getting two probiotic foods in is more than I'm use to eating. I'm trying Kefir. It was like drinking yogurt. Going to try it in a smoothie next.

Oh and I've been taking the dogs on a half hour walk every morning since Last Tuesday. I've been swimming everyday this month except one. At the gym everyday but Sunday....

I've been making sure I don't eat in that magic hour around my thyroid pill. If it isn't working it won't tell my body to release fat energy.

Right now I'm happy! not stressed. i was a bit stressed in May.

It just maybe be a combination of things. That works for me!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Day 156

198.8 UNDER 200 AGAIN. So far THRILLED with 17 Day diet.... LOL!

The Whole month of May I lost the same pounds over and over. During Courtney"s celebration of graduation I did eat too much. Just goes to show how just a few days kills a diet. 4th of July is going to be tough.... i am NOT over indulging this has been too painful!

My weight woes can be explained another way too, I am gaining muscle. It weighs more than fat. Just by my toning you can tell. My arms are more sculpted though still flabby....

I've gone from a tight size 22 to a 16.... I can get into and zip a 14 ( serious camel toe NOT to be worn in public). Next i'll be trying on my 12s!

So now focusing on fitting into my BRAND NEW Zumba clothes. I figure at 190 the pants will be wearable in public. So 8.8 pounds to go. Come one 17 Day Diet!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day 154 &155

Trying the 17 Day diet. This Plateau is KILLING ME!!!

The first 17 days are much like Atkins with a little fruit thrown in and probiotic food like Greek yogurt, sauerkraut, etc... I'll give it till Friday at least. If it works I'll finish the 17 days.

Since I've been on a healthy eating plan for five months I don't know if it is really going to do wonders. One of the testimonials was 12 pounds in the first cycle. I'd be thrilled. BUT since I already lost all my water weight ( and then some like 40 pounds), and drink my 8 glasses of water daily, eat my veggies, and lean protein. It isn't much of a change from what I already was doing.

not eating fruit after 2 PM though seems goofy. Dr. Moreno says it because it is harder to work off the Carbs....

We shall see!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 152

LOVING THIS BEAUTIFUL WEATHER! Swimming everyday is WONDERFUL! Walking the dogs in the morning. LOVELY! plus no "presents" found in the hall way.... :)

I couldn't wait till the 3rd and got on the scale any way.... It went back down BUT not below 200..... SO FRUSTRATING!!! Just a few days off the wagon kills your "diet". Seriously this is a diet because I am restricting calories. But I really didn't over eat, and gained 3 pounds? I know I'm lifting weights and gaining muscle. It weighs more than fat. My waist measurement went down! I fit perfectly into my SEVEN jeans again! ( not size 7 but the brand...I'd be over the moon if I fit back into size 7 jeans not since college for that size).

Time for the gym! Andi's torture hour a.k.a. total Body Work out.

I get to make a topsy-turvy cake! will be baking this afternoon!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 151 JUNE!

ZUMBA! Doggie walking! getting into the pool! MASSAGE LATER! WOO HOO!