Friday, March 18, 2011

Day 75

Soy sauce is the enemy, enough said... Puff the magic dragon.... will be eating asparagus ( natural diuretic)

So yesterday I bought a tape measure. My old one went of to parts unknown and has never returned. So with my new measuring tape in hand I started measuring myself. To say I'm in shock is putting it mildly. I'm very glad I didn't have one two months ago. I might have die of shock. It's BAD, really BAD, and I've lost 25 pounds.

Back in the day I had measurement of 36-24-34 classic hour glass figure pretty much. Yup, I had a rocking body. Now it is leaning toward pear. 46-39-50 YIKES! I've been delusional I was thinking my waist wasn't that big ( well next to my HIPS it isn't) I'm freaked out my hips have never been that BIG. It's frightening my hips are taking over the world!

I do believe I see a group power class in my future this morning, then zumba. I really need to sculpt my muscle! I see a lot more lunges and long walks in my future. Because, YES, MY ASS IS THAT BIG! It just might eat New York...Nashville because it is closer...

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