Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 80

210.8 OK so it hasn't gone down....but it was WAY up that's what I get for eating baby back ribs..... OR.... May have been water weight too. OR it just my cycle.... I go way down, then bounce up again, then go back, then bounce down again. I probably should not weigh myself the next day after a big weight loss i.e. a pound or more....

I didn't make it to Zumba this morning....SHAME ON ME.... i will go either do the arc in cardio theater, lift, or do both maybe go to the evening Zumba. I'm thinking Zumba with Jammy. I LOVE her classes the best. Any way some form of exercise will be part of my day even if it me doing the treadmill in the bonus room or a work out DVD.

Katie and I did subway lunch. nice mommy / daughter time.

Yesterday was gorgeous and i enjoyed a hour of sun worship by the pool WITH my sunblock on thick. I did miss a few small spots right by my arm pits. A little pink but not bad. I figures i got a good dose of vitamin D! I sat out for 1/2 hour this morning reading till the storm blew in the rain has not started yet but it got very windy and the skies are very dark. I did enjoy what little sun there was to be had today.

Last night was date night! Sports Grill ( I had ahi tuna salad, better choice than baby back ribs...) The Preds game was fun! Always fun when they WIN! Yesterday was just a delicious day!

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