Sunday, August 31, 2008

I always have my eyes closed....

if I can take a bad picture I usually do...GROAN! Debra looks nice though...



Layout from the crop yesterday at Sassy Scrapper. Thank you Karen for organizing it!
Thank you Debra for going! Hope you had a good time!

Now I'm busily finishing all the ideas I got but did not have all my tools. The bane of cropping away from my room...

Saturday, August 30, 2008

I went to a crop!!!

Holy Toledo! It had been a LONG,LONG,LONG time. I remember why. I never bring what I wind up needing. I really don't get much done except for the the enrichment of my scrapbook store owners pockets. Which is cool with me she gets some lovely stuff in all the time. I totally enjoyed talking to everyone. And I got some inspiration. Karen had a cool card book I've never seen before. I jotted down some ideas. I did actually get a layout done and three more set up to finish at home. I forgot to take pictures but Karen didn't so I'll just pull what I need from the meet up sight, so it is all good!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Happy Labor Day weekend!

WOW! When I was a kid up north Labor Day Weekend was the official end to my summer. The day after school always started. It was something to look on with excitement and dread depending on what teacher you got. Good teacher means good year. I had my share of wonderful teachers Mrs. Ryan, Mrs. Timmons, & Mr. Porus. Oh and I had some total clinkers too! Miss Foamer didn't need to be a teacher... Her and her matching shoes. She had every color of the rainbow in shoes in high heel and flats for the play ground. She should have worked in a high end ladies store. The shoes was the only thing I ever liked about her.... I never heard any one yell so much in my life. I wound up with major stomach problems, ulcers. A nine year old on Maalox she made me so nervous.... Thank goodness I had Mrs. Timmons the following year where I bloomed.

Guess I'm feeling a tad nostalgic still from the reunion...

What are you all doing for the weekend? We're going to be party hoppers. We have a part at the Hepbourne's and the Holton's Sunday and Monday. I don't totally get out of cooking because both require a dish. I picked cookies for one, and I'm think green bean casserole for the other. EASY!

I would like to go to the lake one last time.... Not happening.... Jim is on a business trip till Saturday afternoon.
I'm doing the next best thing and going to a crop! I haven't been to one in AGES! Debra and I are signed up for tomorrow. Hopefully I'll get some quality time with scrappin'! I printed off some really fun pictures to scrap. I'm going to make one of those "collage" photos of Katie getting braces. I'm hopping the new Halloween paper is out for sale.

Well, I better get ready for the gym. Monday at the party the pool is open... not that two days in the gym is going to make this belly go in... Oh why did eat that chocolate cake??? Oh well, one good thing about winter coming I get to cover up my flab!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Putting the brackets on the back teeth

Autumn working on Katie's smile

Dr Togrye

Now we can call her "brace face"....



Oh he looks like a sweet cat but don't let him fool you. He's out for BLOOD. I have the hand and ankle scars to prove it.

Katie gets her braces on at 10 AM this morning! I'm sure I'll be writing more about that later with pictures.

It's been raining the past few days. I'm hoping it will keep it up for a bit. Everything was getting so dry. I'd love to see the side yard get all nice and green like the front where the sprinklers are.

I think my body thinks it is a bear. all I want to do is EAT! Guess it is for hibernation this winter??? YIKES!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sailing takes me away......

Dad put the Snowbird in the water again this year after not doing so fo SO many. She required a bit of TLC. Poor old girl! I wish I'd thought to get a shot of her from the dock.

Mom & Dad

Mom still shrieks when the boat keels and scrambles to the high side. Cracks me up! I still find I love it when we go real fast!

Conneaut light house

I remember as a kid the only way to get to the light house was by boat. Swimming the little gap was VERY dangerous. Now there is a sand bar the whole way out. Amazing how much the harbor has changed in just 25 years.

Monday, August 25, 2008


Nadene and ME! (Kate)

Molly , Chris & Mary

Chris, Sam, Doug & Molly

Linda, Nadene & Molly

The 25th Reunion of CHS class of 1983. HOLY COW! It was a nice reunion. I didn't get too many photos I was so busy talking. I'm hoping that my classmates will fill in the blanks for me. I know I sure posed for enough pictures. I was seeing blue dots all the way home... LOL!

I wasn't sure if I really wanted to go , but I'm very glad that I did. Sorry Bobbi & Molly I wimped out on the beach party... maybe after the 30th?

Thursday, August 21, 2008

I'm leaving on a jet plane...



I'm going to my (gasp) 25th class reunion. I'm sort of ambivalent about it. I'm am excited to go see Nadene, but that is it. Maybe I should have just gone and visited her... We shall see. I guess I'll find out if should have gone on Friday when I go to the informal mixer (without Nadie she isn't coming in till Sat) at the old dive bar we use to all hang out in ...for the pizza of course...

Katie got her spacers put in Tuesday. She has a sore mouth. Next week the actual braces go on her teeth. Good bye crooked smile! She is very sensitive about her teeth. She isn't too scared any more about the braces though since Emily got them. she is really excited about the colors they are going to be. I believe she is leaning toward hot pink and purple. I think she should get hot pink and black she'd match her room...LOL!

Courtney drove on the ROAD yesterday with Jim. She was jazzed. He said she did a really good job. He can't take her out all weekend. Maybe I'll start letting her drive to school in the morning....MAYBE....

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A few good reason to get up and walk...

I need to remind myself MORE. I'm having a real hard time getting myself to eat right and exercise lately. Don't know why really. The only person I'm hurting is myself. I think it is because I'm so frustrated at this point. I thought that I'd be at my goal weight by this time and I'm not. There is a difference between eating right and weight loss eating. It gets very wearing after a while BUT if I want results I'm going to have to go back to restricting my diet. Not giving into temptation, like the donuts this weekend. I hadn't had a donut in over a year and a half... It's only a little over 20 pounds to my goal and if I keep eating crap and not exercising it will be more. I need some one to kick me in the butt! DH is falling down on the diet and exercise thing too... HELP!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Time for a slightly new look

New template and colors. WOO HOO! it's like a whole new blog...LOL!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Unhappy anniversary

Last Christmas with Chabby

I was looking through the gallery at two peas, and I came across a layout of pet stuff with the title, THIS SUCKS. She had recently lost her beloved golden retriever. I was commenting on her layout, sympathizing her loss when it hit me like a ton of bricks. This is the anniversary week of when we had to have Chabby put to sleep. I thought I was going to be sick the grief hit me so hard all over again. I was bawling so hard Dyson got up and came over and nudged me. Sweet boy! I love him and Cookie, but I'll never get over losing Chabby...

Dyson is in LOVE

Our crazy dog, Dyson,falls in LOVE with my daughters' friends. He goes kind of nuts at times. Katie's friend Shelby he is nuts for, he'll protect her over a family member. He'll actually growl and bite at any one that tries to move him from Shelby's presence. He's toned it down, mellowed. But I think he has found a new "love " in Courtney's friend Cory. Courtney shut him out of her room and he has been whining at her door. It's so funny to watch. Poor Dyson and his unrequited love...

Thursday, August 14, 2008


I've actually had a fairly drama free two days...SO WHY IS MY EYE STILL TWITCHING?
Post traumatic stress?

I've learned something interesting I never believed was true growing up. It does hurt more to see your child in pain than it is to suffer the pain yourself. So when mom or dad says it hurt them more than you, if they are a really good parent, I suspect it is TRUE.

I wish I could just swoop in and make everything better like when she was a toddler. Every age has a new set of problems more complicated than the last it seems. She does have to learn to solve problems on her own. It is part of growing up. Why does it seem easier on some children that others? It may be an illusion.

The water seems calm today... so hopefully the eye twitch will go away...

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My pretty Katie

and some more...

Well, there is more volley ball drama.... Katie was ask to be a team "manager" or glorified go-for. she gets to practice with the team but doesn't get to play any games unless her skill level goes up or people quit. I think the coaches suck especially the assistant. She kept saying to Katie she just was not good enough over and over. I'd like to bitch slap her, truly I would. I think we're going to find a volley ball club in town and join. I'd like for Katie to prove that bitch wrong. I really hate people and teachers like that it really isn't motivating to a kid like Katie. It's demoralizing.

I'm so hoping that this experience with the volley ball deal isn't indicative of the Central Middle school experience for Katie. I'm really afraid. I'm calling St Rose today to see what it takes to transfer her there just in case.

Monday, August 11, 2008

More drama....

I guess we didn't have enough drama for the day Saturday... Katie had Emily and Shelby over for an over night. The girls walked to Krogers for goodies, and on the way back Emily got a nose bleed for no apparent reason. Katie instead of calling me on her cell phone had them walk back. I could have cheerfully strangled her! I ask why she didn't call me, and she said she was afraid I'd be mad. I straighten that one out... I told her the reason she has a cell is for EMERGENCIES and some one bleeding is one. Poor Emily! Sometimes I wonder what goes on in Katie's head! By the time they got back to the house the girl was covered in blood. She looked like she walked off the set of a horror film where she was one of the victims. I made an ice pack and got plenty of paper towels. Sat poor Emily on the toilet and proceeded to remove all the gore. Called her dad and let him know what was going on with the nose bleed. Took a good 10 minutes to get the bleeding to stop. I was having visions of taking her to the hospital the whole time because it was a good ten minute walk back to the house... thankfully it stopped. I needed some adult beverages after that but refrained because I'm not sure if I would have stopped...LOL! Oh and I was afraid there might be another nose bleed.... Just in case there wasn't enough drama for the fates.

Saturday, August 9, 2008


Well, I wound up going VERY early to the tournament and not to watch. I guess once the the girls got to the gym, Katie and Destiny were told they would not be playing because they didn't have jerseys. They were originally told that they would swap out jerseys with one of the other girls, and get to play at least once.... NOPE.

So I get the tearful phone call...

Katie told me that every girl had at least played once except her and Destiny. I know Katie should have probably just sucked it up and cheered on her team. She has to understand she has to work hard and practice to get better. I think if she understood from the get go she wouldn't be playing it would not have been an issue.

If the coach comes back and says something about missing practice she knew Katie would I told and ask if it would be a problem. PLUS there were two weeks she should have got in but the gym floor was being redone. The coach didn't bother to find another place to practice. I think that might have really helped the team...

So being mam bear...

I went in to have a short talk with a coach to see what the deal was... I don't know if my talk with the assistant coach Beth helped, but it made me feel better. I think, she thinks I'm a wacko and my daughter is a cry baby. But she lied to my face. She said her daughter hadn't played and she'd been in twice... Maybe it wasn't the thing to do. But at least Katie knows someone cares. Maybe volley ball isn't for us. I sent Latoya a very nice Email explaining my point of view. I totally understand how hard it is to a coach, and I give her credit for doing it. I know it doesn't pay much. We shall see what happens....

here's the note to the coach:

Dear Coach Beard,

I understand that last year two team members did not turn in their uniforms, and this shorted the team for the tournament. I do understand these things happen. I do understand that Katie isn't the best volley ball player. Matter of fact between her being at camp and the gym floor fiasco she really didn't get in much practice this summer. She really need it to learn more of the game, and I promise to work with her. I also understand the new jerseys will be in soon and this will never be an issue again.


Leaving out just two of the girls, and not changing out jerseys for a tournament that doesn't count toward anything just seems unfair. Of course I'm getting this from my very upset daughter. Who unfortunately has some self esteem issues as it is. I know team-sports coaches play their best players for a chance to win. But in this case where the team was getting pretty much stomped on what did you have to lose playing everyone?

I know you are doing the very best job you can, and thank you for coaching the girls. If you need anything please don't hesitate to ask.

Have a Great Day!

Kate Childers

jumble of stuff

First off watch out Murfreesboro drivers! Courtney has a permit to drive! We went and got it Thursday. Just warning you the roads may not be safe. ROFL!

Well, "So You Think You Can Dance" is done for the year...sniff... I'm glad and upset Joshua won (is that possible?) He was wonderful I loved watching him dance BUT with other partners he wasn't all that... Katee really deserved it. Looking back on ALL the dancing favorites she was in most of them! 2 with Joshua(I'd actually argue that almost all their routines were memorable there is only one I wasn't too excited about). She was in 1 with Twitch, and one with Will. She made everyone she danced with look GOOD. I'm very glad she got at least the 50,000.

Olympics have started! Woo hoo! I'm more partial to the winter games since I love figure skating and hockey. BUT I am looking forward to watching gymnastics, the diving, and the synchronized swimming. Heck I was even watching women basket ball this morning USA vs Czech.

Katie is at her first tournament for volleyball all day at Riverdale. I'm a bad mom and didn't go...well for the whole thing. I will go later in the afternoon to pick her up and watch a game maybe two. Just the idea of spending my whole Saturday in a gym when I'm pretty sure Katie will be riding the bench... She was very upset when there were not enough jerseys for her and another girl. Some one last year never turned in their uniform... poor Katie she seems to always get the short end of the stick no matter what... bad mommy not at the game... Hopefully it is a character builder. They are getting brand new jerseys so this is just for this event. The new ones are not in yet. I may head over but with a book earlier than I intended...

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Proof my family is insane!

All I can say is OUCH! Nose piecing. Photos from Jim's camera phone.

Courtney's new nose stud!

Jim took her. I was totally shocked he said "yes". I guess she can do the whole Indian belly dancer more authentically for Halloween. LOL!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I can't believe it!

School starts this WEEK! The girls will be back in school!

Pre-season football starts this week! Titans play the Rams SATURDAY!

It was 100 degrees today!

It's been 25 years since HIGH SCHOOL! Going to the class reunion the 23rd. HOLY COW! I haven't seen most of them in 25 years saw a few at the 10 year reunion... This should be interesting!

My husband is taking my oldest daughter to have her nose pierced. This is the same man that said NO to a a pink streak in her hair... something totally reversible... UNREAL! I'm NOT going. GROSS!

Only this week and next left of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE...sniff... I LOVE this show. I've saved every episode on DVR and I 've rewatched my favorite dances over again several times. I love Joshua and Katee one of the two better win!

Oh man i can't believe it is time for me to make dinner...