Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Are you getting ghoulish?

today is the cul du sac party in my neighborhood! I'll be making some the above cupcakes. Passing out the treats!

Can't believe it is almost November! WOW!

Have a Happy and safe Halloween!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Updates on everything but Halloween

My scale decided to move once again 182! WOO HOO! I'm one happy camper!

I tried the new class offered at my health club, Zumba. It is a HOOT! To me it is like dancing for a hour. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! only thing is I'm going to be a tad more careful I was a bit too wild on a neck swing and pinched a nerve in my neck. I walked around with my heat wrap on the rest of the day...Was a real challenge during DH's and my personal training because everything hurt my neck!
It feels much better now but still isn't 100%.

I broke my tooth! The very back molar on the right side. I was just chewing gum and SNAP! the dentist put a temporary patch on it yesterday. Wednesday I go get a crown, and now the kind with diamonds on it, But it will be gold...LOL! Gee, It could be my new thing a grill.... Wouldn't my DDs love that one?

Monday, October 29, 2007

Halloween Party Part II aka Kids party

Courtney the Goth chic and Jessie the army guy

Katie and her group of friends hamming it up for the camera.

I am officially partied out! I think next year we are going to just get a group together to go tour the haunted houses of Nashville maybe get a limo to party in for the ride to and from. It was a lot of work this year and I had next to zero help from my family. Jim helped me get the coffin down from the attic and place on the dining room table. The girls helped carry a few things from the attic... So basically everything you see in the pictures is all from my warped brain. I even got all the costumes for my family... It turned out great! Don't get me wrong it was a totally hoot! We had a good time, but I'm NOT looking forward to the tear down. I think I'll be demanding a bit more help!

Saturday, October 27, 2007


This is Jim and I just before the guests arrived.

Everyone had GREAT costumes! We fested on all the lovely gory food I made. The shrimp brain was a hit and my master piece! We all had a good time!

Friday, October 26, 2007

It's Party Time!

Not only did my Predators go back to their winning ways last night (beat the Thrashers 3- zip), BUT today is the adult Halloween party! I'm so excited!

Yesterday, I frosted cupcakes, and decorated them with very spooky themes. I have skeleton hands coming out ot the or spiders sitting in webs. I have another batch to frost. These will be decorated like eyeballs, and open graves with legs and arms sticking out (love the funky candies out at Halloween!) I made a brain out of shrimp, bean dip, deviled eggs that look like monster eyes. All I have left to do with food is chop fruit, make a spider web design on the yogert dip, plate eveything, and make the adult beverages in the punch bowls.

I can't wait to see everyone dressed up! I'm getting the camera's ready! this is going to be a HOOT!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Finishing touches!

Just three more days till the parties! The decorating is almost done! Just the final finishes, then on to the food side of the party! Wednesday and Thursday I'll be a cooking and baking fool!

I also have make sure my costume is all ready. it needs a bit of ironing. wondering if I should tackle it myself or have the cleaners do it. I SUCK at ironing. {BAD DOMESTIC GODDESS} I'm leaning toward the cleaners... I'm starting to get a tad nervous about the choice I made. After Courtney saw it she said I wasn't her mom... but that is the whole point of Halloween to be someone or thing else for little while, right?!

Monday, October 22, 2007

I've been tagged....

baberry said...
Tag your it! Check out my blog.
October 21, 2007 9:19 PM

1. Link to the person (or in my case person(s) that tagged you and post the rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself (on your blog, we all want to know them).
3. Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs.
4. Let each person know that they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

this would be baberry aka Yvonne

I think I've done this before... Oh well here I go...

1) I'm absolutely with out a doubt a HUGE Halloween freak. I decorate inside and out. We throw two parties one adult and one for the kids. We go all out!

2) I chase butterflies all over the place trying to get the perfect shots. Have given myself a few case of poison ivy, a twisted ankle or two...

3) I've lost 46 pounds since March 2007, BUT I've done close to this three times and gained back the weight... I'm the QUEEN of YO-YO dieting. Hopefully NEVER again. I'll be happy when I reach my goal of 150. Both DH and I are working with a personal trainer to reach our goals of a healthy life!

4) I have two totally unrelated degrees Associates in culinary Arts and a BA in psychology. I finished college in just 4 years though... right now I really don't use either of them unless you count cooking dinner and dealing with my family & friends problems... LOL!

5) my first real job was as a juvenile probation officer.

6) I collect half dolls there a link if you haven't ever heard of them.

7) I'm a major sports fan. Love Football that Hockey. GO BUCKEYES! GO TITANS! GO PREDS!

I tagged

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Halloween Happenings

Decorated a bit more! I now have a giant reaper type ghost in my breakfest nook. I've gathered all the serving platers, bowl, cups, etc. I've finalized what I'm making, A shrimp brain, decorated cupcakes, carmel apples, decaying guts bean dip,
spider web yogert dip with gut skewers (fruit), Adam's ribs, monster eyes deviled eggs, monster mouths ( apple slices with peanut butter and candy corn), vampire punch, and Monster mud slides. I think that will keep me pretty busy.

I was thrilled to find cake mixes and frosting with 1/2 sugar. Not a diet food but for people that are borderline diabetic as my DH and some close friends are that is SO AWESOME! Everything except the mud slides are actually going to be on the pretty healthy side.

Today is about football and finishing decorating! Have a good one!

Friday, October 19, 2007

help some one stole my gargoyle!

some EVIL person stole the gargoyle from my Halloween display. Of course he was one of my favorite pieces... aren't they always? I got it at Target two years ago so replacing it is going to be a pain. It was relatively expensive too about $25. I don't pay much for Halloween decorations. If you see a good one some where on line leave me a message!

Any way my youngest daughter decided she'd take it's place and be my living gargoyle. isn't she ....twisted? ROFL! yup, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree...

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Mixed messages, mixed blessing???

My poor DH had a sock melt down. He didn't have the perfect pair of navy blue socks for his outfit. I suck as a domestic goddess, so shoot me. I swear he's more of a girl than me some times... Get real and grab a pair of black ones and move on. Dumping a laundry basket that has NONE of his stuff in it doesn't solve any thing but get me angry. No surprise it doesn't motivate me to work on his socks in the least.

I got an interesting email from Cantata Books about my day of the dead project I sent them. They wanted more detail on construction. Dare I hope it will be picked up??? That would be nice.

Dyson gets his staples out today. His fur is growing out now soon his boo-boos will be just a bad memory.

I got on the scale this morning and it read {{{DRUM ROLL}}} back to 183! OK at 182 I'll have officially lost another pound!!! So not a huge celebration, Just relief...

The first sign of winter coming happened yesterday, the sprinkler guy came to winterize the system... I'm so NOT ready for cold weather.

We're supposed to get storms today it would fit my mood perfectly...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Veins, veins go away!

I have the UGLIEST legs thanks to my father's genes... They weren't alway ugly but two pregnancies made them into road maps. Gaining weight didn't help much either.

So today I went to see what can be done about them. Not because I am vain, but because I've had pain, redness and swelling. Not that I wouldn't want pretty legs again... I'd LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT! Any way I go for tests Monday to see how bad they really are and if they could be life threatening. I guess I'll know more Monday!

The rest of my day has been fabu!I went to lunch with Sunnette and we checked out the new Belk store in the Avenue. We had fun!

Have a great day!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Haunt your House!

Thank you Reminisce for making some of the FUNNEST Halloween papers EVER! I'm having the the BEST time with all things Halloween!

I worked on the haunted crypt aka my dining room! So pleased with how it is turning out! As soon as I'm done i'll take pictures and post them here and my Halloween Blog.

Isn't October Grand! Hockey, Football, and Halloween! OH MY!

The scale is stuck....GROAN!

I was totally thrilled over a week ago to get on the scale and have it read 183. Unfortunately that was very short lived. The next day I got on the scale and it was back to 184. It's been bobbing between 185 and 184 ever since. I'm having a really hard time getting myself to put in the effort I know I need to reach my goal.
Food seems to be calling my name! Getting to the gym just seems like such a struggle. I only missed one day last week BUT I didn't have to miss that day... I do think I'm losing inches my clothing fits me differently. I'm so much toner. I'm building muscle. Muscle does weigh more than fat, BUT I'd still like that scale to move DOWN!

I need a new mini goal. My last one was to get the size 12's on and zip them. I did it! but I wouldn't go out in public in them, OMG! You could read my lips, not the ones on my face....TMI? LOL! Guess I need to go buy some size 10's???

Good luck to any one that is struggling with weight! or any other problem!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Sad news/ Good news

Last week I couldn't bare to write about what happened with Danni and Dyson (our dogs). As some of you know we adopted Danni from the pound in August. she was much bigger at 50 pounds than Dyson at 13. He is my darling little papillon whom I adore... We finally had received the invisible fence collar for Danni. Jim began training her. The collar gives a dog a mild shock if they leaves the bounds of your property. Well, when Danni got her first shock she turned around and attacked Dyson. Jim grabbed her. We then told our girls not to let the two dogs out together till she was done training because of her reaction. Fast forward a few hours later... Jim and I went to the store for a few errands. My youngest Daughter accidentally let the two dogs out at the same time. Danni got shocked again and went for Dyson. Courtney separated the dogs but Dyson was hurt and Danni bit Courtney on the calf hard. she has a horrorable bruise and pucture wounds. We wound up taking Dyson to the emergency vet to be stitched up. We came to the the hard decision that we could no longer keep Danni. We can't have a that size dog that would turn on our other pets and children if hurt. Too dangerous in a neighborhood with many small children. So we took Danni back to the pound. All very sad.

Dyson and Courtney have healed nicely I'm happy to report. We are now looking for a puppy. Dyson needs a playmate. He's been unhappy since Danni left even though she hurt him. So pretty soon we'll be finding him a playmate we started looking today.

Friday, October 12, 2007

It's Friday...Funny feels more like a Monday...

I've got a bunch of stuff to do today! Number one on the list is to go get my van tested for my way over due license tags! I got busted yesterday! Truthfully I knew they were over due I kept meaning to get over to the test site. It just isn't convenient location for me. When I would think of it I wouldn't have cash. I wish they'd take your debit card! Any way it is TOTALLY my fault. I deserved my ticket. but what cop pulls you over just for tags??? I wasn't speeding, had my seat belt on, no tail lights out... what a butt muncher!

I need to go work out! Yesterday I was tied up with PTO all morning for the membership drive. When I got home I was too in to my decorating with spider webs. Before I knew it it was time to get the girls from school, and get Courtney to her eye appointment. She still had the infection so we had to go to Ophthalmologists. new course of drops... non-sight threatening infection the doctor assured me ( thank goodness). By the time we got out of there it was past time for me to be leaving for the hockey game. (Preds lost ... sniff, sniff). Any way I'm not going to make it to 182 if I don't work out! I want to be 180 by Halloween! Gotta fit into that sexy costume...WoO hOo!

So everything I've put off all week needs to be done today! The laundry, a trip back to the pharmacy for Courtney's new drops, to Ross for my spooky bowl (please let it be there!), post office to mail out my secret pal package, to the bank to deposit Courtney's babysitting check, and so on... This evening should be nice! Katie has a sleep over, and Courtney has plans...Jim and might be able to have another date night...LUCKY ME! Marina's? YUM! more like the DVR and popcorn...


Thursday, October 11, 2007

I'm a Decorating FOOL!

I spent quite a while yesterday decorating the 'foyer'. So when people come in they'll get a good taste of the pirate theme and scary. It is cross between pirates of the Caribbean , and the giant spider lair from Harry Potter. So far I really like what I've done. It needs much more work. I'm going to go crazy with the 'spider webs'.

Hauling the coffin down from the attic is the next challenge. Jim made me this coffin (isn't my hubby a sweetie?) Yes some women want jewelry, I go for the Halloween props! anyway... The dining room is going to be turned into a Haunted Crypt/ buffet. I found the perfect 'bowl' at Ross's. gotta go back and get it! Why I didn't pick it up when I saw it.... Groan! I hate when I do that!

I figured I might as well get the decorations up and enjoy them for while maybe tweak them up a notch for the parties.

Happy Haunting!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Halloween on the Brain!

Wow! This month is moving fast we're nine days in it already! Before I know it it will be Halloween! YIKES!

Jim and I decided we are going to decorate the inside of the house more like a haunted house and skip the garage. Today I'm going to start cleaning and get an idea of where the displays will go and how to put them up with out damaging the house. that could be really tricky.

Today all the invitations have to be got ready. I want to send them out by Thursday at the latest. People have to have time to get costumes. I whimped out this year and I'm not making them just printing on the invitations. I found a bunch after Halloween last year on clearance!

I think I'll get the dining room set up today, since we don't use that room for anything any way. I'll have one display ready to GO! I think it will be a haunted crypt with the coffins in it. Jim was talking about hanging the giant spider from the upstairs railing and having spider webs to the floor. I want to do a pirate themed one too. I think I'll be buying a few more props...Still working on the corpse too!

I'm thinking of doing a small favors... Not an original idea in my head... Can I pick your brain? Suggestions WELCOME!

Have a Great Day!


Monday, October 8, 2007

Busy weekend!

NOT THE BEST WEEKEND FOR ME TO STEP ON A SCALE... so I'll just be like Scarlet and think of it tomorrow....
some really good and some really stressful things happened this weekend. I think I'll dwell on the Good stuff.

Courtney and I went shopping. We found most of the items for Katie's and her Halloween costumes. Just a few more items and we are DONE! I've already collected all of Jim and my items. We tried them all on, what a hoot! Courtney said I'm not her mother... just the reaction I was looking for!

Saturday night was date night!!! Jim and I went to see the Predators and Dallas stars game. WHAT GAME! Legwand got a hat trick! It was another excellent game.

We tailgated Sunday morning for the Titans game. That was fun! We were very good and brought fruit and my good for you black bean dip with whole grain torilla chips, of course Jackie and Ray brought good for you stuff too! Shrimp! YUM! It was so HOT 90 something we roasted! Titans won thanks to the defense. Vince Young was way off his game... We had a blast! Jackie and Ray sit with us so it makes doubley fun. Jackie and I were cutting it up all game long. ( I think I may have sweated out the gained weight...) I hope it is cooler next game. I'm putting my order in for 70 to 75 degrees sunny with a nice breeze.

Well, back to reality... MONDAY. Fall break is over.

Friday, October 5, 2007


Yesterday really was a wonderful day! I'm still basking in the glow of it! Jim is taking some vacation days off. So we got to sleep in! We worked out together! Got my van! Took the girls to the the movie THE GAME PLAN. (It was very CUTE! If you've seen THE PACIFIER and liked it you'll enjoy The Game Plan). Courtney and I embarrassed Katie and Jim laughing so loud, added bonus! LOL! Jim and I went to the Predators game (NHL Hockey). What an awesome game! Jim and I came home and made a midnight feast and watch CSI on the DVR (I LOVE my DVR).

My Predators were brilliant! Especially Jason Arnot, Greg Mason, JP Dumont (3 stars of the game) Greg Zanon was brilliant on defence. He blocked at least 6 shots made Mason look really good. He should get a special star in my book. There was some sloppy play some turn overs in the neutral zone that I cringed over. All in all though a AWESOME effort. Mason got a shut out his first time on ice as number one goalie, not a bad start! Arnot almost got the hat trick his first time on the ice as Captain! He also shot his 700 goal of his career. Oh and I almost forgot Tootoo's fight. He really clocked one of the Avalanche's players. Excellent game! Saturday they play the Dallas Stars.

If you live near Nashville and have never gone to a hockey game you need to go just for the experience!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Season opener tonight! GO PREDS!

I AM SO EXCITED!!! GO PREDATORS! Hockey season is here again!

This weekend we have a full bill Preds on Saturday Titans on Sunday! We should have a fun weekend!

Got my van back! WOO HOO! the repairs weren't too bad just under $350. SO MUCH better than I though it was going to be.

We're off to see GAME PLAN the new Rock movie by Disney. I'll give a critic later. It looks funny...we shal see...

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Dark Chocolate Doves, Food of the Gods!

I don't know of a food that comforts, makes me happier, is richer, has more flavor than a Dove Dark chocolate square. They are better for PMS than any Midol or Pamprin pills. One little square with it witty saying on the inside of the wrapper just melts into liquid joy in my mouth. One square with a nice cup of coffee and my world is a wonderful place for a while. Perfect serving size so I don't over indulge. It has those lovely antioxidants so it is GOOD FOR ME! In moderation...
Thank you, thank you, thank you! makers of squares of Heaven! Exquisite indulgence!

(gee guess what time of the month it is...sorry TMI)

Monday, October 1, 2007

Fall Break is here! Happy October!

I can not believe that the kids have been in school 6 weeks! It is the first week of October already. The summer is truly gone now except for the temperatures still in the 80's in Tennessee.

Not sure what we are going to do with this fall break. We haven't made any plans. I'm thinking cleaning the garage to get ready for the Halloween parties should be on the agenda.

Today I'm taking the van in to be repaired. I'm just praying it isn't a HUGE bill. The transmission is slipping. The van wants to go with the brakes on. So if I'm sitting at a stop light or in traffic it surges forward constantly looks like we're hopping or trying to be a low rider... GROAN!

We just got the city property taxes in the mail $1300 due by November. What the city does for us besides garbage removal I'm really not sure cause the police dept only seem to take your complaint and does nothing with it... SOUR GRAPES HERE! But truly do we have to pay for all of it??? The state will be sending its bill too... Really does make a case for living in the country.

Guess this week we'll be getting costumes for Halloween. I just have to find Jim's hat. The girls are going to have to help me with what they want, that should be fun.

I'm going to finish decorating the house and put the spots up outside this week.

Hope you all have a Happy October!