Sunday, March 30, 2008

Weekend Babble


Got up and got to the gym for Zumba. I keep hoping more flab will shake off. When we got back from the gym we went to the nursery for a new tree for the front beds. we lost two last year between the late frost and the drought. We got a decorative purple magnolia. Still need one more tree. We want to get a weeping mulberry again. It is perfect for the space.

We went to see the traveling Broadway play RENT. It was fantastic! Cast full of Idols (American Idol and South African win, what a babe!)Just as soon as we got to the car the skies let loose! We were very lucky because we'd parked 4 blocks away. Nashville parking is a tad on the lean side...

After we got back to the 'borro,and walked the dogs we were off to Fugi's Japanese steak house for dinner. YUM! We had cocktails and sushi in the bar while we waited. It was good as usual.

Jim pulled the old dead trees and got the new tree in the bed. He had to go to Nashville for work. Big regional meeting for the office bunches of people flying in so Jim was playing taxi and entertainer.

I watched the Preds vs Red Wings to over time. Disappointing loss at least we got a point. Truly wish it was 2. I'm just hoping that the two teams behinds us LOSE. But for now 87 point in 8th alone for a bit on more than just wins or points... Nothing is ever easy! three shots off the post...

Well, when the going gets tough, the tough go shopping or get a latte... so I'm off!

Friday, March 28, 2008


The rest of Thursday was pretty normal and calm. I dragged myself to zumba. I'm glad I did because Kelya is back! She had foot surgery and has been gone for 6 weeks. She is one of my favorite instructors. So glad she is back!

Made a BIG pot of my vegetable soup and bought some of that lovely brown honey oat bread to go with it, yum! We settled in to watch UT blow it on the basketball court. No elite 8 for them...

I couldn't get moving this morning so I missed zumba. I may see if the Sportscom has it at a better time for me this afternoon because the other zumba class at the MAC is from 5:30 to 6:30 and the Preds game starts at 6 PM today. I may just walk or go in and use the arch machine (cross trainer low impact). I'm very motivated! my 14s are starting to get loose! I can get into 12's in jeans and they are NOT obscene to wear. No camel toe! WOO HOO! Not really sure what my weight is right now because I haven't weighed all week ( period time what's the point?)But my bod is thinning or creating muscle. I can really tell on my arms now if I can just get rid of those mini bat wings...BAH! By June I'm hoping to be writing about squeezing my tushie into 10's!

Jim is supposed to get tickets for RENT. It is part of the Broadway series at TPAC. Courtney's all time favorite movie. She's dying to see the play plus she can get credit I her fine arts class. It's been a long time since we went to see a play. Should be fun! Our big Spring break activity.

I've got a new secret pal! I love doing these swaps with Mountains of Memories my yahoo group. Most of the ladies are from Montana, so i get to know a little more about another state very different than the one I live in but much the same too!
She collects sock monkeys. Daisy D has a sock monkey line! I spent a hour yesterday making a paper pieced sock monkey on a scooter...hope she likes it! So far I'm having a blast with both my pals.

WEll better get a shower and get on with the day!

Thursday, March 27, 2008


That in a nut shell is what this week has been so far and whole bunch of highs and lows.

This was Monday:
After a pretty good start of the day went to zumba and had lunch with Sunnette (it was yummy and we had a great chat).Then it went to shit.. this is how my day is going.... Got this in my Email

There has been a development in your litigation and we need your prompt assistance on an important matter.
Plaintiff has filed a motion for summary judgment on some portions of the litigation. While it is a little bit of an unusual procedure given the posture of the case it is still something to which we must respond. Our response is due today. We needed to get in touch with you at the end of last week to send an affidavit and have it executed and returned. This fact was missed in the activity related to the holiday weekend just passed. IT IS IMPERATIVE WE HEAR FROM ONE OR BOTH OF YOU THIS AFTERNOON SO WE CAN MAKE ARRANGEMENTS TO SEND YOU THE AFFIDAVIT, HAVE IT EXECUTED AND A PDF OR FAX COPY RETURNED TODAY WITH AN ORIGINAL SIGNATURE PAGE SENT TO US ASAP. We began trying to reach Kate by telephone yesterday without success. I tried earlier today and spoke with someone who said she was not home but would return today.

Please contact us immediately by telephone at the number below or by email.


Jim Freeman

Luckily they caught me while I was in Nashville picking Courtney up. She went in with Jim to work and got sick. So I went over and signed papers. I'm VERY pissed off my lawyer goofed BIG Time. Some one really goofed because there was no message on my answering machine, they could have emailed me earlier. Any way we have a court hearing March 27th at 9AM. pray that this whole thing is OVER! I really don't think I can take any more. The new lawyer is weird he sat across from me blinking and twitching. it was really weird like he had tartivdiscanesha (sp?) from being on psych meds too long... I'm afraid he is a screw up after this fiasco. I want Talmage back! but he left the firm for the attorney generals office. I wish Jim Freeman was actually the one going before the judge.

I'm going to go have a beer, glass of wine maybe something stronger... i did and spilled it...Oops!

Well, I got this in my Email this morning

Hello Kate!!

My name is Karen Hayes and I am the manager at Paper Candy. I looked over your application this morning, and needless to say, would love to talk to you. However, I can’t help but to wonder if you would feel overqualified, lol. Have you ever thought about owning your own store? Lol

The position here would be part time days. 10-4 most shifts you would work. We also need teachers for classes if you would be interested. Please let me know if any of this works for you J Karen Hayes

Paper Candy Scrapbooking

So things are looking up! maybe I can pay my own legal fees I was hoping for fun money. But you can't look a gift horse in the mouth... Who knows with any luck the judge will dismiss the case. PRAY!

Courtney seems fine. I think she'll live. she never puked. I think it was just one of those goofy bugs.

Jim is once again in Memphis. He probably won't get back in time for the Predator game so Debra is going with me. I think we are going to go drinking before the game I made cocktails last night for me. I make one heck of a strawberry daiquiri Except I get clumsy and I spilled the last one all over my oriental rug what a MESS! guess I make a lousy drunk, LOL! Caught up on all the DVR Desperate Housewives and Lipstick Jungles!

Debra and I went to the game. We had a blast! PREDATORS WON! keeping playoff hopes alive only 2 points out...

I did a lot of exercising Two Zumba classes and weight training to make up for my bad diet lately. Took my mind off the impending hearing. I exhausted myself if i can move thursday i'll be doing well!

Thursday (so far)

Went to the hearing. Jay is MUCH better than I thought (thank goodness). BUT I have no earthly idea how it went, and I was there. To me it sounds as if we should have won, but I'm bias. I guess I'll know in two weeks or so the next step... it's only dragged on since 2003....

Talked to the lady at Paper Candy on if she wanted me to come in or not. She said she'd interviewed someone else and was waiting her reply??? OK her Email to me sounded like a job offer... I guess it still maybe, IF the other person schedule conflict doesn't right itself. Hope springs eternal!

I'm coming down with something got the sinus drainage going down my poor throat, YUCK! I'm going to baby myself drink lots of liquids, take some zicam, and pray it WORKS! A nappy-poo sounds good too!

So this week has really been a mixed bag... Pretty BIZARRE!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Bummed out

I think my Predators totally blew any hope of getting into the play offs last night. They totally blew it in 2nd period recovered and blew it again with defensive blunders. They showed flashes of pure brilliance then turned into the keystone cops.
The whole thing is depressing. They were in 9th place 4 points out of the 8th spot at the beginning of last night the Oilers played last night they were in 10th one point away from 9th. I haven't been able to stomach looking at the results of last night. Unless the Predators get their heads into the game and win ALL of the rest of the games and get some help along the way they are DONE. Some Tenth Anniversary season. First the owner dismantels a great team and sells it, now falling from 5th in the play off hunt to out of it. Depressing year! At least I probably won't have worry about paying for play off tickets, some cold comfort that is! At least we made the 14,000 average in attendance for the profit sharing...

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Another Weekend in Paradise...well some might think so

Friday was a pretty good day! I mostly goofed off, after being a good girl and going to Zumba. I went over for coffee at Debra's which turned into lunch at Sushin and a little scrapbook shopping... Katie called at the end from school. Poor kid puked. YUCK! It must have been one of those goofy things because she was fine. She even ate my sushi left overs when we got home, and later pizza... Go figure!

Jim had a dinner thing so I ordered a movie on demand, Becoming Jane, bio of Jane Austin. It was pretty good . I liked even thought the critics panned it. They are mostly MEN anyway what the heck do they know? Any way I happily munched on pizza and watched it despite numerous interruptions from Courtney's pain in the butt friends. thank goodness for the pauses button or there would be dead teenagers buried in the back yard... why they were all over the house I'm not sure. they were supposed to be going for coffee or Chinese food in the Krogers plaza how they wound up in and out of my house is still a mystery... Thankfully they finally all left to go bowling, and I enjoyed the rest of the movie in peace!

Yesterday Courtney was in a math competition at her high school. She tied for 1st! I was a bad mom and didn't stay for the competition. I went to zumba and the grocery store. Courtney said I didn't miss much. It was kind of like watching the grass grow for spectators. Any way I was able to get dump chili going and a cake ready for the St Patrick's day party at Jackie & Ray's before the hockey game came on TV. So it was all GOOD! Even better because the Preds beat the Wings!!

The party was fun! But we left a bit early just tired out!

happy St patty's day!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Mid Week, Whine & Shine

All I have to say is the officiating at the NHL level needs some looking into because it is so terribly uneven. Call ticky-tac calls and miss the BAD ones! I'm very upset. The refs missed blanant penalties of the Sharks. Here's just one, the goal tender, Nabokov, reached out with his stick and tripped Tootoo, actually more like a slash. Luckily Toots wasn't hurt as he dove into the boards. NO CALL! it is hard enough to play another team without having to "play" the refs too.
I BLIND I'M DEAF I WANT TO BE A REF! it really fits!

I'm stuck at 174. Actually I'm lucky to be still at 174 after the way I've been eating. So I should be counting my blessings... I don't think wings, beer, peanut butter chocolate pie, Ben & Jerry's oatmeal cookie ice cream, chocolate pudding cake or fish tacos are weightloss foods... I think the taco might not have been too bad if I'd left the mayo off that is... Oh was it good though! the Sports Grill make one yummy fish taco! I guess I'll try very hard to be good the rest of the week. Time for a big pot of vegetable soup! a few more Zumba classes!

I did take that walk yesterday. It was kind of a short one but I did walk. I walked over to Susan's new house to take her house warming gift. Poor Susan is getting over the crud that has been going around. She very graciously showed me around her beautiful home. I have serious kitchen envy! Gorgeous! I'm so glad they are all moved in! We're so lucky they moved to our neighborhood!

Tomorrow is my pampering day! Jim bought me a spa day for my birthday in January. I'm finally using it! The just say "Ahh" package, One hour stone massage, one hour facial, manicure, pedicure, shampoo blow dry, and make up application. I'll be all relaxed and gorgeous to go to the hockey game! LOL!

I never did find the perfect lettering for my page yesterday something else captured my attention, more like demanded so maybe today...

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Day light savings time is still kicking my butt!

Well, I got up at 7:25. My internal clock is still set for day light savings fall back... I guess so is Cookie's is too, because she didn't start barking till then to go out. Luckily no zumba this morning. I think I'm skipping the gym today. I went twice yesterday. We have a hockey game tonight so I can't go to the zumba class. I think I'll just do abs at home on the ball, and maybe take a walk.

Courtney has a shortened day today for teacher planning. Jesse is coming over and she is helping him type his report for some class.

It is amazing to me how fast the house gets dirty! I swept most of the down stairs yesterday and mopped. Swept the bonus room because my dear little dogs disemboweled a stuffed squirrel. found a spot where Dyson has been peeing against my nice leather sofa sectional. GROAN! Gross dog! I forgot the towels in the washer yesterday and I'm re-washing because they had that musty smell. I need to do a major mail sort and toss. I HATE junk mail! All it makes is clutter!

I'm going to working on some of my pages today. I'm working on one of Jim as Captain Morgan. So cute he has his rum bottle in his hand in the picture. I found a really cool cut out paper over lay in black I put over dark red card stock with this cool laser cut line of skulls from Stamping Station. I'm trying to find the right lettering to title it.

WEll, this isn't getting my letter quest finished... I'm off to it!

Monday, March 10, 2008

SPRING AHEAD! How do make the finger sign???

I'm having a devil of a time getting going this morning. All I want to do is crawl back in bed! I'm glad zumba isn't till 9:30 on Mondays I just wouldn't make today... not sure what my deal is, but I hope I get over it soon!

The dogs are racing around the house like lunatics. Glad I'm sitting down or they would have knocked me over racing between my legs. They must have stolen my energy!

I REMEMBER WHAT'S WRONG! this spring ahead always kills me! I HATE IT! The person that thought it up should be shot!

Whine, whine, whine.... I need more coffee!

:>O ( yawning)

Sunday, March 9, 2008

"Famous" Handcuff layout

Well, I finally got that idea down on paper. What a relief! I was driving myself crazy. BUT I'm pretty happy with the result so I guess it was worth it??? MAYBE??? ROFL!

I have two new ideas stuck in my head! So I guess those are NEXT! I found some great blue trim for my fan of the game layout. felt stars! WOO HOO! I also found some very cool cut out paper I'm going to use for one of the pirate pages.
All the non- scrapbookers just won't get it...but it is an obsession like HOCKEY!

My Preds stunk up the ice for two periods today then decided to come alive in the third didn't quite make it but very close. It would have been awesome to have tied the game in the third. They needed the point. But at least they weren't totally embarrassed... Would have really liked the points...

Off to scrapbook these ideas now...

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Stupid FSN south and NBC

This is really making me angry that the Predators, who are fighting for their play off lives, are NOT being shown on TV on a road trip! They are playing darn good hockey! This is VERY exciting! Someone is really missing the BOAT! The only way to see the Predators games is to buy a Center Ice package, which is $119 and ends on the 3/7 or find a bar that carries the package. Four games away and NO ONE picked them up??? I understand if a home game isn't on, you can buy a ticket and go. BUT away games should all be on TV. For goodness sake Erat had a hat trick this last game and most Preds fans only heard it on the radio... FSN South really blew it as far as I'm concerned and so has NBC.


Kate Childers

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Tis Hump Day! Get to it!

Wow! half the week is over!

Jim and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the Preds game because it was only on Center Ice last night. First time I'd had wings in a year. I mean really eat wings not just one nibble at a party. I didn't over do it, but Jim did. He was feeling a tad bit ill so we left after the second period. Preds were winning 5 to 1, and that is how the game ended too. First time in a long, long time we went out to see any game at the bar. Two beers and I was feeling no pain, at least last night today my head is a little bit under the weather, BUT that maybe sinuses. I think it is. One thing for sure I need green leafy vegetables after that grease fest!

The cold weather came about half way through the day yesterday. YUCK! Just in time for Katie's trip to Land Between the Lakes in Kentucky. It is the 6th grade class trip. I hope they don't freeze! Courtney had a great time when she went. I hope Katie does too. She is really excited. This year they are going during the week not the weekend. I bet the teachers are digging that! I pick her up Friday. down to one kid for a couple of days. WOO HOO!

I actually scrapbooked yesterday! I did another Halloween page. Melissa and Wesley Hayes dressed up as a cop and con for the Halloween party. I had to find some toy handcuffs to trace. I got the design idea stuck in my head nothing else would do. Thankfully Wal-mart came through for me. I was joking I was going to have to go to the adult book store. Now that is an original excuse to go to one of those...ROFL! Any way, I made my paper pieced handcuffs. They turned out so cool! I'm so pleased with myself... at least some one is! LOL! I use black and white striped Bo Bunny paper, and the "jump suit" orange for the layout. I have to finish my journaling and a bit of the embellishment. The picture is a good one. I was very pleased with how my photos truned out this year! I will be submitting Halloween pages everywhere. So they won't go up till after calls are done.... At least I'll keep that part of my new Years resolution!

Hope you are having a great day!

Monday, March 3, 2008


I over did the abs and legs work out yesterday. I'm a bit on the sore side this morning. I haven't been brave enough to get on the scale after my binging this weekend... It's right before that time of the month too so water weight is a factor too. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

I have a page design idea stuck in my brain. I need some handcuffs to copy! I'll be looking in the toy section of the Dollar stores... The page is one of my Halloween ones. it goes with the theme of the costume... I have it all planned out in my minds eye... wish me luck finding them in the toy section! If not I'll be going to the adult book store.... ROFL! Now there is an original reason to go!