Friday, June 29, 2007

Weight Loss Buddies

Any one else struggling to lose weight? Need a buddy? Some one to share recipes, exercise programs, lightening up recipe tips, the ups and downs of "life style changing" (diet is die with a T).

I'd love for you to share with me. I promise to root you on, if you'll root me on when I'm weak. The more support I can get the better! I really want to meet my goal and stay there. I'd like you to make it too!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

She's in the land down under!

Courtney made it to Australia! YIPPEE! Those kids had one heck of LONG trip with all the delays, but they made it! They are beginning their adventure.

Court's cell phone works fine. Jim was a little worried about how the international phone would work. probably great in the big cities and not so great when they are near the out back.

Courtney sounded good, a tad tired but excited. This should be a wonderful experience!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Up date

I managed to hold the waterworks in till Courtney was going through security. She couldn't see me, so she couldn't get upset or embarrassed.
she called three times to up date us on their travels. American Airlines screwed them, No flight crew in Dallas. They had to stay over night in LA. They should have flown Southwest. any way another day wasted on travel. I hope they don't have to cut too much out of their adventure. these things happen.

Got on the scale and it read 198. Another pound! They are coming off really slow now. Guess I need to step up my work out, and lower my in take of calories. I'm not too excited. My weight has been going down, going back up going down, back up. It wavers about 1 to 4 pounds. I'm going to try to stay away from salty foods. Oh well, 48 pounds more to 150! Eight more to 190. Gotta love mini goals! Almost everything fits that is in my closet now from my last weigh loss. I will be thrilled to hit 180 because 183 was my lowest weight in the 2000's.

Jim is now in size 38! That is amazing from pushing 44 hard. He has lost 40 pounds! I'm going to have to do some major shopping for him.

Katie comes home from camp Saturday! that went FAST! I hope she had as good a time as last session!

Well, all updated!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

She's leaving on a jet plane....

OK, reality has sunk in now, and I'm freaking out. My fourteen year old Daughter is going to be on the other side of the world for 21 days in Australia. She flies out today at 2PM with her people to people group. I've been running around making sure she has everything. That is all done and I have nothing to focus on except she is going. It isn't like camp. I could be at camp in 20 minutes, not 22 hours. Guess those apron strings will be stretched!

She has a international cell phone. She can call any time she wants. it will be a growing experience, a learning experience, and a big honking test for college in four years.

I'm sure she'll have a great time. Not so sure mommy will survive it though.... Just hoping the water works doesn't start at the airport.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Adventures in Camping

Our adventures in camping

We usually have a few funny stories to tell when we get back. It is tradition. We would want to NOT follow tradition, sacrilege! So not to fear we didn't.

We got off to a little later start than we'd planned. Everything always takes a little longer the first time you do it from a long layoff. But we finally managed to get finished, of course we would find later we forgot a few things like a serving bowl, a hatchet, serving utensils, and extra toilet paper. nothing too bad this time. We had 5 other families with us so what we forgot someone else remembered.

We get there to the camp ground ( found it on the first try!) and it starts to thunder. No worries we put the new tent up at home to try it out. Problem is we didn't do speed trials.... We get the tarp out spread and the tent spread over it start putting in the tent stakes. The tent camp with what looked like a little tykes hammer. It work about like one too, Katie Moriss found us a better hammering device. But that was not the worst part. The tent stakes would just pull back out after being pounded into the sandy soil. Middle Tennessee is nothing but red clay except for Homes Creek. We finally decides to put large rocks over the tent stakes, but we figure this out after we get the tent poles into place. There were several moments of shear panic, but all in all not bad. We start putting on the rain fly and a few drops of rain start. Something isn't quite right with the rain fly and we don't figure out till later what it is. the tent looks weird misshaped and we can't get it right. Later we put up the Coleman's identical Wal-mart find tent with Jimmy Morris,and the mystery is solved, fly poles in wrong holes... Any way we don't discover that until after the monsoon... We no sooner get the rain fly on sort off, and the storm hits. It hits HARD. Actually a good test of our tent building abilities, I'd say we got a C-. It stayed up and on the ground only because we were in it to anchor it. every time something let go we'd jump to fix it. The whole thing was like a silly Laurel and Hardy skit. We got to laughing so hard we forgot to be even slightly scare with tornado like winds. It didn't last long thank goodness! We got a minimal amount of water in the tent mostly through the screen when the rain fly moved, because it wasn't on right. Any way it was easy to remedy nothing tragic. We got the air mattress all blown up no leaks! No failed pumps! The only thing was in our hast to put up the tent a sheet got dropped on the ground and wasn't useable being soaked. Courtney had a sleeping bag anyway didn't really need a bottom sheet.

The sun came out and we got the boat ready for the lake. (Storms come and go fast around here.) The ramp was just a few camp sites down. We were right on the water, GORGEOUS camp sites. Jimmy and Katie did GOOD reserving them! any way we get right on the Lake. Just a few almost diggers on the slippery ramp, and Courtney busting on Jim about putting the plug in the boat. We get out there tube for a while, and go find the rest of our group. Almost as soon as we get there it starts lightening and thundering. I got pretty nervous. Lightening and water just aren't a good mix, so we chickened out and went back in to shore. The storm never materialized really, but I'm glad we went in if we hadn't it would have got bad I just know it. I rather live to play another day than to risk it.

we went fossil hunting after we got back. Earlier Cyndee Coleman had found some interesting fossils over the bank near the water's edge. They looked like screws or coils. Very cool! Any way Jim, Courtney and I went down behind our camp site and found a bunch more and one rock full of creatures. Very cool piece! we brought it home. I want to do some research on it, and clean it for display.

Dinner was lovely we had a pot luck with everyone. The potatoes Melissa Hayes was cooking didn't cook all the way. We were in too big a hurry 15 minutes more and they would have been done... but that is camping!

The next day was gorgeous. We tore down camp and got on the lake. We tubed all over. Jim and I even got on for bit. I tweaked my shoulder a bit, not bad. It was fun! We met up with the rest of our group hooked up and swum, ate, and drank a bit for several hours. Cooked ourselves well done even with sun block. We had a good time.

Dyson had a BIG time being admired and petted by everyone. He got to play with Molly Coleman's dog. Poor little guy was tuckered out last night! We all were!

We are planning our next trip soon!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Camping trip prep

We are off to go camping this morning at CenterHill Lake with a group of our neighbors. The camp ground has boat ramps and several us have boats. We're going picnicing on the lake and sharing rides. Then we're Having a pot luck for the evening meal, and drink some quality adult beverages. Well, the adults will.

It has been a while since we went camping. Last time was our Fall Creek Falls trip when Katie was 6, she 11 now. Needless to say I couldn't find the tent and wound up buying a new one at Walmart. It's only a night. I figure if we decide to do some major tent camping we'll have to get another tent, but for a weekeend trip here and there, or the girls using it in the back yard it's fine. the old tent was about shot last time we used it any way. I bought it when jim graduated from college. We use to camp all the time back then.

I did manage to dig up 3 air mattresses. How we got three I don't know. I knew we had two. Guess we're set for over night guests no fear of running out of beds around here! we have plenty of camp chairs due the years of ball games and tail gating.

There will only be three of us any way since Katie is still at Camp YI. this will be the last family thing Courtney will do before her trip to Australia.
Should be a good time! Probably have more funny stories to tell after this too.

Have a great weekend!!!

Friday, June 22, 2007

...Pulled out a Plum, what a good girl am I!

WOO HOO! Janet Evanovich's latest book in the Stephanie Plum series is out. I've read it from cover to cover of course... now waiting for 14.

Lean Mean 13 was good as always. I love an author that makes me laugh! All the characters feel like old friends at this point. Always fun to dip into their world for a while.

If you haven't read this author do yourself a favor and find One for the Money. Make time for YOU and read it!

Just wish more than one a year came out!!!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Random thoughts

Yesterday, I went out and did one of my favorite activities, chasing butterflies. I got shots of three different types. HEAVEN! While doing this I found an abandoned shoe. I started thinking of all the times I see shoes places. What a weird place to leave a shoe in the middle of a field. Doesn't the owner of said shoe realize it is missing? I know, I'd know if I lost a shoe. Walking through there with out shoes would NOT be an option for me (dig glass or thorns out of your foot once or twice and you LEARN)I see them on the side of the road all the time. How does a shoe get on the side of a road ? Someone has to throw them out they just don't fall out, unless it a jeep with no door or on the back of a pick up... I saw high heels one day. Did they just hurt so much the owner tossed them out the window? It just seems so weird to me...

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


The two layouts I posted today are basicly the same design. It is amazing how the colors and details make it look so different to me.

I think I'm stuck on this style of page I really like the way the title pops. I think chipboard is my favorite embellishment right now. I like the naked ones best so I can make them the color I want by painting them, but I like the other too. some times already done is SO nice. If I need a different color I peel off the top layer of paper and presto naked!

I'm having fun re-discovering my decorator scissors. I think this time around I've mastered them MUCH better.

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Window treatments

I've been struggling with what to do for window treatments. We've live in our "new" home since March 2004. I've had 3 years to come up with something more than the white faux wood blinds that cover our windows. I haven't done it. Curtains and valences to me are big, expensive dust catchers. I wanted something different, more airy, let more light in...DIFFERENT!

Well I think I finally have come up with it! Last year at the TOCA art festival Jim and I bought a metal leaf sculpture. We both love. I decided to put sculptures above the windows as valences. This past weekend we went back to a craft fair and got the first parts. We bought 4 sculptures and some small individual piece to make the effect. What do you think?

Friday, June 15, 2007

recycling scrapping style

Hey, if you loved the paper for a layout why not make a card from the scraps. Paper isn't cheap. I'm just frugal enough to see how many things I can make out of my scraps. I think I'm going to challenge myself and anyone else that wants to play along to see how much mileage you can get out of a piece of paper! Tell me all about it!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

I REALLY hate waiting. the end!

Ok the pool dude finally showed at 5PM when he was supposed to be here at 1PM. I wasn't a happy camper. Took two phone calls to get someone here and screwed up my day, BUT the leak in the liner is fixed. my bank account is $325 lighter. Guess I'll be selling my body on a street corner for Father's Day present money...

the waiting game

I HATE waiting. Seems like that is all I do is wait for something. Today I'm waiting for the leak repair person for the pool. I'm waiting for the washer to end cycle so I can put it in the drier... guess I'm an instant gratification type girl. Oh well, guess I'll have to read, lay by the pool and wait... guess that isn't so bad unless I get a sun burn...

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I forgot the funniest part! add on to our weekend

I forgot the funniest part of the weekend trip on the boat. Poor dog first walked to the front of the boat and peed all over Jim life vest, with Jim freaking out the whole time (he does a great freak-out dance you should see it). We were anchored swimming at the time. We got that all cleaned up. About hour later we're cruising Jim is giving Courtney a boat driving lesson. All the sudden Jim makes this gasping noise and gets a real weird look on his face. Took him a second or two to compose himself, and he said Dyson is peeing on me. Sure enough Dyson has his leg up all tucked next to Jim peeing away. I about wet myself laughing so did Courtney and Katie. Poor dog had no where to go! Jim just jumped over board and rinsed off. That was funnier than my open mouth drooling on the way home....

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Seven weird things about me

Weird? Strange? Different? Exocentric? Guess it is all in the eye of the beholder.
1.) I have seven pet cats (I was irresponsible with spaying, now living with my mistake) Furball, Werewolf, Socks, Precious, Tiger, Mystery, & Spooka.
2.) I seriously do chase butterflies to take their pictures. I go all over the place. I'll spend hours trying to get just the right shot.
3.) I like to have designs on my toe nails and finger nails.
4.) I collect half dolls, though I haven't bought one in a long time.
5.) I LOVE Halloween. I spend a lot of time and money to come up with different displays for the yard, and the haunted garage. We plan out our costumes and parties months in advance. One of the best things Jim ever did for me was make a toe hugger coffin ( how romantic!) I'm making a corpse from latex, a plastic skull, gause, acrylic paint, and PVC pipe.
6.) I like vegetables
7.) I LOVE history. History channel is one of my favorite vices I'll sit for hours watching it.

An Ibeuprofin and Hot Pack Day

I'm totally miserable today so far. Woke up at 4 AM and couldn't go back to sleep. My stupid period is causing havoc this time. I'm bleeding like a stuck pig! My back is killing me. I'm all puffed up with water weight the Pamprin isn't touching. I went from 199 to 203 in a day. I know it water weigh, but I still feel miserable just reading that on a scale (it BETTER be water weight!). I ache all over, and my nose is stuffed up. YUCK! I guess today will be an ibeuprofin and hot pack day. FUN.

I got a layout and a half done yesterday. I'm going to try to get more done today. I want to finish Courtney's junior high album so I'll be all done with it for high school, and the Australia one that will be happening soon. I need to get Katie's birthday party stuff off the camera too.

I've got to get on Courtney's butt about her fund raiser. The flamingos have sat in my dinning room for three days now. Time is running out, and I'm NOT supplementing her spending money over the $260 we put in for her Australian money (I picked it up yesterday, colorful stuff!). She has a little more than half the goal amount in her account of $1000.00. Travel date is only two weeks away.

I'm going to go take some more Pamprin, heat up one of my wraps, and get more coffee.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Our weekend at the Lake

We were off and running bright and early Saturday morning. Jim got up about an hour after me and got the boat ready to go to the lake. We woke up Courtney so she could go to camp with us after we met with our trainer. We wouldn't have time to come home before getting Katie. Poor Dyson gets to stay in his cage for while...

We worked with Kim, and Courtney did her thing. Jim had got her trial pass which is nice not to have to pay for Court. Kim said she'd get another one for us so Courtney can work out till she leaves for Australia. We don't want to pay membership while she's gone, after she gets back we'll get her one. She's been pretty good at using her passes.

Any way after working out we were starving even though we ate breakfast, so we went to the gas station, bought the healthiest stuff we could find to the tune of $21. We could have had a nice breakfast out in a NICE restaurant for that! CRAZY! Oh well, no one EVER wants me hungry I grow fangs, a tail and growl. Thus fortified we were off to get Katie.

Katie was still back by her cabin with Shelby.( Shelby is her new BFF for this year) Any way once again Katie didn't want to leave. So she's going back again for third session for two weeks. After that she has Rock and Roll camp at MTSU. She'll be all camped out after that!

After we got home we got ready to leave. it was funny we couldn't find this and we couldn't find that... Well until I told Jim where he put it after last year that is.... LOL! Luckily I have the uterus-tracking-device and a good memory for trivial things ( I can't remember where I put my book down five minutes ago, but I can remember you put it on the work bench last fall, go figure...). Any way we finally found every thing we needed, gather Dyson ( our dog) and got off!

We get on the lake and pull out the tube to go tubing, and there's no plug. So I put my tracking device to work was in the pouch in the hatch alone with the missing goggles Jim had been ranting about... Oops!
Two problems solved with one pouch! WoO hOo! WE go tot blow up the tube and the compressor is DEAD as a doornail even though it had been plugged in.... I suggest we go to the marina someone has to have a pump. MIRACLE they do Emergency aborted. We have tube with a plug and blown up. We're off!

The girls ride around on it for a about half an hour maybe 45 minutes and I notice it doesn't look right and they are swamping too much. We stop.... the tube sprung a leak! Nothing my amazing uterus can do about that... I think Dyson was relieved..... That was short lived because we decided to go swimming. Dyson HATES the water, so of course we find it very entertaining to have him swim. We're a bit twisted... he looks so funny when he gets out. Drowned rat doesn't quite cover it. He's so cute in his little bright orange life vest with a pissed off look on his face. Don't let any one ever say dog don't have facial expressions. I bet he's thinking, if I were a Doberman they would do this to me.....

We also discover Jim forgot to put the plug in the boat so we're sinking slowly.... LOL! Easy to fix. Pretty funny too!

I did discover one thing I have to go and get my shoulder looked at because getting back on the boat HURTS! I thought for a minute there I was going to swim back because no way was I getting back on the boat.

We bought a new sun shade for the boat. Getting that up was interesting! It's kind of like a large beach umbrella. Getting the straps just right took the learning curve, but we got it up. It needs a bit of modification for our boat because it is smaller than most, but I think it will work. a little Jerry-rigging I have faith...probably misguided...

We all fun! the girls were freezing again and took my sweat shirt and dry towel...all the other towel got drenched.... They got warm and I fell asleep on the way home so my family could make fun of me open mouth drooling..... Glad the water camera was done by then just got a shot of my ass, and not my drooling so I count that as victory of sorts... ( luckily my ass is smaller now than a few months ago it fit all in the frame).

Sunday, I get up aching! Riding backwards in the jet boat watching the people on the tube beats you to death, especially if you have my sadistic husband driving. Every swell there is he finds.... Any way I made coffee, took pain relievers, and crawled into the hot tub with my book. HEAVEN! About an hour later I feel human again and not like an old leather punching bag so much. By then Jim is up and peeks his head out. He ask if I want to go to Walmart to see if we can find a new tube, and develop my butt pictures. I can hardly wait to see those...

Adventures at Wally-world! You know that store is scary. You go in there for one or two things. You come out with stuff you didn't need when you went in BUT you have to have it by the time it is time to leave...SCARY! We got the film developed ( lovely butt pictures). We found and got a replacement tube, and twenty other items...$200 something later we are on our way home.

Katie is alive and kicking when we get home. thrilled with the tube and butt pictures. she was the photographer and Oh-so-proud of her achievement ( when does she go back to camp?). After feeding her a breakfast bar we send her upstairs with Dyson to wake Sleeping Beauty aka Courtney. Actually she's more like the dragon in the morning.... But it is the afternoon almost so we figure the Katie and Dyson might make it out alive....

Jim and I are down stairs safe making lunch. We got some of that lovely salt and pepper corn. YUM! I made devil eggs and he made tuna salad. We're set! We feed the ugly dragon when it come down, and she changes back into out daughter. Crisis adverted once again by food ( she takes after me a little).

We finally leave for the lake at about 2, after testing out the new tube and pump, nice because this tube fit in the van blown up. The only one not happy is Dyson, well his happy to go bye-byes but when we get there.... We get there. Jim remembers to put the plug in the boat. Sinking adverted. BUT we left a line on because of the tube, and it tangled in the engine... The transmission is screwed up! Arrgh! Reverse is forward, and Neutral is OK but no reverse... other than that the boat is working fine... it's just going to have to be adjusted on dry land. we wouldn't let a little thing like that keep us off the lake, BECAUSE we're NUTS!

The new tube though smaller works great! Both the girls and I are beat to death almost. Courtney has bruises all over from hitting the water at 40 mile per hour.... Jim is sadist no kidding, but that OK Courtney loves it. That just leaves poor me, so what if I pee red for a week because of all the kidney jolts... I have a hot tub and access to pain killers... We even got the rub on kind. I'll try not to OD like that poor girl in the news rubbing it in...

We discovered two things this trip. Turtle Chex mix is AWESOME and, never leave a line drag.

This time I got smart and I packed the towels in one of giant zip locks. We have dry towels! I brought two blankets, so I got to keep all my clothes! I drank extra diet coke so I didn't sleep on the way home....

Hope you had a great weekend too!

Saturday, June 9, 2007


I weigh under 200 pounds!!! YIPPEE! Only 51 more pounds to lose! I've lost 30 pounds!

Yesterday I organized my closet. I can now get to all my lovely shoes and purses easily. I bought clear shoe containers for all the shoes not in boxes or that boxes were to damage. My bottoms are all in one place, my work out clothes in one place, cute tops, sweaters, jackets, and etc. Now I just have to go through sizes and put the ones I can wear now together and the future wear together. ( I have sizes 20 to 12 in my closet).

I donated 3 bags of clothes and three pairs of shoes (nice ones in boxes)to Goodwill. Now I have to do my drawers, organize my jewelry.

so far I have a GOOD START!

Friday, June 8, 2007

Details ( up dates from past blogging)

Oops! I've been slacking off when it comes to blogging , and scrapping. The TIME factor is getting me. Things should be settling down though soon, at least in theory...

I've met my next mini goal in weight loss. My scale now reads 200 from 229. I rewarded myself and bough some comfy Born sandals. YEAH for ME! Size 20 is WAY too big! 18 is just right. Next mini goal is 190. Maybe I'll be able to slip into my 16s! I'm dying to see how many inches I've lost!

I'm loving my new Rebel camera. I have not downloaded the soft ware yet due to computer issues. As soon as I get that fix I will. I've been doing the Kodak machine thing. Very pleased with the prints.

Courtney's flamigo fund raiser is going GREAT! Baby sitting and dog watching too! She is well on her $1000. 00 goal! she'll at least come very close. Watch out Australia!

This weekend we're all about the lake barring bad weather or illness! Got the new sun shade for the boat. We've got to test it out! This should be FUN!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Amazed, and rambling about my life

WOW! No one did anything nice for herself? That is awful! Or no one reads my blog, which is possible too...

I did something nice for me!

Pedicures are a little slice of heaven. I get one once a month. I call it maintaining my feet. I have the worst calluses on the planet! Maybe that is exaggerating a bit but they are awful. They use to crack and peel, and in general look gross. Pumas stones really just didn't do the trick. I don't have tips on my finger nails any more, so aside from getting my roots colored that's my whole beauty treatment.

I'm beginning to get frustrated I've hit this plateau and I can't seem to lose more weight stuck gaining and losing the same pound over and over all week. Hopefully I'm losing inches and gaining muscle. I still have a lot of fat to lose though...

I better finish filling out forms and get the insurance cards copied for the camp nurse. I hope Katie has a great time. I know I will! Katie is going through a rather unappealing phase right now. I hope it ends soon! I think getting her involved in as much as possible this summer will be the ticket. As soon as she gets back I'm getting her on swim team.
Of course it looks like rain because it has to the first day of camp. Tradition!

Jim is taking Courtney to her meeting and I'm going to camp to get Katie set up. Everything always has to be at the same time any more. So glad I'm not a single parent! So glad Jim isn't on a business trip! That last two things the girls have had have been on the same night at the same times.

We never got to the lake yesterday it rained... of course... we really had too much to do to go any way. Next weekend! ( last weekend was gorgeous but we stuck playing host to Jim's parents... enough said...)
We already talked to Melisa & Tim about next Sunday. They're game! Hope the weather cooperates!

Well, I've got to run to the store we have a mini emergency. No toilet paper! Just the rolls on the duty now and no back up...It could be BAD. ROFL!

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Go do something nice for yourself!

That's an order! I don't care what you do. Take a bubble bath, lay in the sun and read a good book, get a pedicure, take a walk in the woods or park. Just do something nice for YOU! and come back and tell me about it! Because you are SO worth it!