Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 73

211.2 ( wow a whole 2 ounces down) I know at least it is going down.... i just would really like it to go faster.

I feel off today. Not completely lousy just off. I ache some from the work out yesterday and a headache. I'm feeling exhausted like I did before I got thyroid medication. I'm now wondering if the steroids have something to do with the way I feel. Like they messed up my hormones. I felt fantastic when I was on the first doses, then not so much. WHINE....

I've been eating extremely healthy. Most days meeting or surpassing daily goals for vitamins, fiber, protein, iron, calcium, etc... plus taking multi-vitamin, fish oil, extra C, extra B12. That why the way i feel right now is such a mystery to me. I might be trying to come down with something.

Sorry such a Whiney baby today.... I will be better when the sun decides to burn through... the weather people keep saying it is going to happen. i'm waiting with baited breath! I'm wanting to absorb some vitamin D by the pool!

Well, a hot shower should make life better....

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