Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Well, my computer is messed up STILL. Hopefully we'll be able to figure out what the deal is soon. I think something is messed up with AOL. We should just dump their services we don't need them.

Dyson is in having his manhood removed this morning. POOR DOG! Hopefully this will solve the aggression problem.

Courtney and I are all signed up to run the Predator 5K this Saturday. I'll probably walk most of it. The money goes to the Predator foundation that helps children's charities around the state. So we get to do something healthy and help at the same time. I'm hoping it is warmer than last year. It was so cold! Courtney's Cross country team ran it last year. No way last year at this time I'd been able to run. Fifty pounds down and fitness level way up I'm still not sure I can run it.

I'm now trying to get the gumption up to get my behind to the gym... Pizza last night I really have to....

Monday, January 28, 2008


Or should I say Moanday? So far it has been a PAIN. For some stupid reason our internet connection will only let one computer at a time get to the internet. This will be a fun one to solve...NOT! Yup, the week is starting off to a BANG! Just waiting for the the other two things to happen so I can breath again...

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Spoilt ME!

THANK YOU! Everyone! I had a wonderful birthday.

We went to see the new movie "Untraceable" as a family. Very intense! Good thriller/mystery.

Jim and I went to Flyte for dinner in Nashville. Very nice restaurant is an under statement the food is incredible. I got treated like queen! It was like Cheers everyone knew our names just from the reservation. The owner came over and poured Jim and I Champagne for my birthday. I was a lovely evening! Extra bonus is I got to wear the gorgeous outfit I bought for new years, and my Husband dressed up.

I'll have several nice experience after my B-day Jim bought me a spa day to get pampered, Courtney got me a gift certificate to one of my favorite book stores, and Katie got me a Starbucks card. I know I'll be enjoying that! I feel totally spoilt!

Saturday, January 26, 2008


I really hate birthdays, BUT I guess it is better to have them than the alternative. Well, I guess if you don't think you are going to Heaven, shouldn't Heaven be better? I guess I'll wait to check that out...

I'm officially middle aged. All my grandparents at least reached the age of 80. I should have a good life expectancy to at least reach 80 since I'm in my 40s life is about half over unless I'm a real over achiever and get to 100. If I do reach that age I hope to be functional not in wheel chair and have all my marbles. If not what is the point of living? Especially if my marbles are gone?

Oh well! Guess I'll cross those bridges when I come to them! today I'll just celebrate not being a corpse, cause can corpses get pedicures? Or eat at Flyte?
Enjoy a movie? Woo Hoo! I'm alive and going to go enjoy Untraceable.

Happy Birthday to Me!

Friday, January 25, 2008

What a Difference a Day makes!

Bye-bye PMS! Woo hoo! Got up this morning and was my cheerful self again! Glory hallelujah! I hate having the blues and being crabby. YUCK!

I wouldn't say I bounced out of bed full of joy, not that much of a morning person. But I didn't feel like murdering any one, so I took it as a good sign, ROFL!

I made it through Zumba, and didn't feel half dead afterward. I actually enjoyed myself. I really enjoyed the hot shower afterward at home!

It is so nice to put on clothing and not think, "YUCK!". I went to put on a blazer from last year yesterday and it was WAY too BIG! I am firmly a size 14W and 16 in junior sizes! I now have a 33 1/2 waist. Even after my lapses on sensible eating plan I'm still 178 1/2. Hoping it will actually be 178 tomorrow.

I went for sushi with a friend... today is a Good one!

Hope everyone is having a good day too!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

PMS? Anyone?

I hate this, I just feel like this HUGE wave of depression has washed over me and I'm struggling in the under tow to get out. I'm pretty sure it is hormonal, but I still feel awful! Knowing the cause doesn't help much. I've been doing everything they say helps prevent these feelings, exercising, eating right, and being social. Guess I'm going to go buy some vitamin B supplements on top of the multi-vitamin I take. Maybe go chew on a fish... Still thinking beating the crap out of something may help my husband..... My children... my animals.... the stupid asshole that ran into my car yesterday and left... innocent bystanders

So frustrated right now with every thing doesn't really matter what it is. I hate when I get like this it's so irrational. The whole iPod fiasco hasn't helped much nor my binging on baked chips Tuesday or frozen yogurt yesterday. That's just shooting myself in the foot. I know this....

Well, guess I've wallowed in self pity long enough for now...I'm sure I'll re-visit it again.... Katie did just step in dog doo-doo I didn't have to clean it up so it was kind of funny.... except Cookie didn't use her puppy pad and that means regression.... Oh joys...NOT!

Oh and for the 3rd time my poor van was abuse by some idiot in the parking lot yesterday in another white SUV. This time there is a huge dent right where my Titans symbol magnet is on my van. The first time it happened my dear husband accused me of running into the garage door because it was white. Last time some lady ( who was kind enough to leave a note) door went into mine. I'm NOT parking next to any one in a white vehicle again! I'm going to have to have this fixed. Not a happy camper.

Well, maybe when I go work out the endorphins will make me feel better. yesterday it just made me feel tired and sweaty...

The glass is half empty today....

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Eletronic moron

I admit it I'm not the most techno, but I thought I could possibly load my new iPod. Boy was I WRONG!

Everyone in the family had an iPod before me. My youngest daughter got hers this summer. Jim set her up with her account using MY Email because AOL teen accounts won't let them go to I tunes (STUPID) because some of the songs have explicit lyrics...

So I go load my Ipod for the first time using MY Email address and it starts loading all Katie's music. Since I did the registration under my Email address...

No matter what I've done to try to undo the registration it won't. I'm so pissed off! All I wanted was an iPod to work out with now it just a frustration.

I just want to SCREAM! Why isn't there a customer service phone number? there is NOTHING on their site about my problem. I mean really someone else has had to done this before...

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Some thing Gorgeous to look at!

This is why I chase butterflies! Took picture this near the Oaklands spring house

Good morning world! Puppy training here, what FUN!

I was woke up as usual by Cookie's barking. She, needing to go potty, and not wanting to soil her crate... the ONLY time she tells me she needs to go... Any way yesterday she took off on me at 5AM. Here I am running around my neighbors house in the cul'du sac in my pajamas in the freezing cold. I must have looked like a lunatic. I hope no one saw me! If they did see me I hope at least they got a good laugh out of it because I was livid. I could have used a good laugh at the time...
So I resolved that this morning would be different. No chasing a puppy through the neighbors bushes. I put Cookie's adorable pink rhinestone collar on her. We bought it a week ago, but I had to put more notches in it because it was a tad too big. She acted like I was beating her! Crying and growling and squirming all over. In short she HATES it. So needless to say her first walk on a leash and collar weren't pleasant. She laid down or yipped the entire time. Fast forward to this morning, she's had time to adjust. She wore her collar for a day now. I get her out of her crate and try to secure her leash on the collar and she threw another yipping fit. It sounded like I was beating her to death She may have woken the house ( if they didn't sleep like the dead here) BUT she pee peed while on her lead and I didn't have to chase her furry little butt any where! I'll put up with a bit of yipping! To me it was very enjoyable stroll just as long as I did NOT have to run the neighborhood!

Sunday, January 20, 2008


So far it has been... usually long weekends are GOOD THINGS, this one not so much. I did it to myself. I should have not said yes to both kids having sleep overs. They are perfectly nice kids, but it would have been nice to have a bit of kid free time.

Dyson was a very bad dog. he is going to be neutered ASAP. He is getting territorial. He growled at and bit Jim when he got near Katie's friend Shelby. Crazy dog! Any way some behavioral modification and surgery are in his future.

I'm tired! I over did it. I did a hour work out with Jim this morning and I went back later to Zumba. I'm an addict! It is just so fun and I needed the stress relief. I ache all over though from personal training yesterday. We did legs and triceps. I hope I can move in the morning!

Yesterdays 1PM Predators game against the Blues was AWESOME! Scott Nichol got TWO short handed goals! TWO!!! WOO HOO! They play the Blues here tomorrow! Special 5PM game due to Martin Luther King Day.

I'm reading the latest Stephanie Plum novel. The in between the numbers. Not loving this one so much... it is OK. I'm usually laughing my head off reading Evanovich's Plum series this is kind of a disappointment, but maybe it will get better.

another good light recipe! I recommend highly

Japanese Beef Steak Salad with Sesame Dressing
Prep Time: 25 mins Cook Time: 20 mins
Rest Time: 2 h 5 mins Total Time: 45 mins Makes 4 Servings:
Per Serving: Calories: 371 , Saturated Fat: 3 g , Total Fat: 10 g , Carbs: 31 g , Dietary Fiber: 3.4 g , Protein: 37 g , Cholesterol: 62 mg , Sodium: 564 mg
Ingredients: 1 1/4 pounds beef, boneless top sirloin steak
3 cup(s) lettuce, romaine
3 cup(s) cabbage, napa (Chinese)
1/2 cup(s) carrot(s)
1/2 cup(s) cucumber(s)
1/2 cup(s) radish(es)
1 cup(s) rice, hot cooked
24 pea pods, fresh
3 tablespoon sherry, dry
3 tablespoon soy sauce, reduced-sodium
3 tablespoon vinegar, rice wine
2 tablespoon hoisin sauce
1/2 teaspoon ginger, fresh
2 tablespoon onion(s), green
1 tablespoon sugar
1 tablespoon oil, dark sesame

Combine sherry, soy sauce, vinegar, hoisin sauce and ginger in small bowl. Place beef steak and 1/3 cup marinade in food-safe plastic bag; turn to coat. Close bag securely and marinate in refrigerator 2 hours, turning once. For dressing, add 1/4 cup water, green onion, sugar and sesame oil to remaining marinade; mix well.

Remove steak; discard marinade. Place steak on rack in broiler pan so surface of beef is 3 to 4 inches from heat. Broil 16 to 21 minutes for medium rare to medium doneness, turning once. Let stand 5 minutes. Carve steak.

Combine cabbage, lettuce, carrot and radishes; divide among 4 plates. Arrange cucumber, rice, pea pods and beef on salads. Serve with dressing

Friday, January 18, 2008


These are really cool SHOES!

The rasion d'etre of Camileon Heels is that their shoes transform between high to low heels, effectively doubling their utility. To change from one to the other, the wearer need only manipulate the cleverly-engineered heels with a motion no more complicated than that required to load a coffeemaker. The wearer need not even take the shoe off.

Camelion Heels are made from Italian leather in styles meant to outlast faddish footwear. As you might guess, they don't come cheap; most run slightly over $300, although at the moment a couple of styles are selling for at 20% off.

For the traveling businesswoman, these shoes might be worth considering for her road warrior ensemble. And Transformers fans will think they've died and gone to heaven.

Camileon Heels

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Today the painter is coming to give me an estimate to repaint Court's and Katie's rooms. I'm redoing them for their birthday presents this year. After 4 years they are looking a bit tired and/or they've out grown the style or are totally sick of it. Take your pick of reasons. So far I've bought Katie's new comforter set. Got to love bed in a bag! Courtney and I found stuff on line she likes. I guess I'll be ordering that soon.

My problem is I have two sick kids, and my house is a wreck. No good reason for the wreck except I've been really lazy. Guess I'll be paying for my sloth this morning.
I'll be a cleaning & puting away fool. Or I could just call Sonia and delay...

I'll have to clean any way going to have to cancel Shirley & Jack (my cleaning people) with two sick kids. BLAH!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Last night was date night for Jim and I. I met him at the Sports Grill for dinner before the Predators' game. We split a lovely jumbo shrimp cocktail, fruit salad and grilled ginger salmon with couscous, and asparagus. It was delicious! Just right amount for me at least when we split it. I think Jim was hungry after the game. he raided the cupboards when we got home.

The game was BRILLENT! Preds shut out the Flames 3 to zip. Erat scored the most beautifully assisted goal on a delayed penalty. Wonderful passing! Thing of beauty! JP's wrap-around goal was breath taking! Mason was flawless in goal. The power play was clicking! I had a wonderful time. I always do when the Preds win, GRIN.

Hopefully Thursday is a repeat of last night!

Monday, January 14, 2008


Sorry, I'm obsessing over weight right now and probably will be for a while. It comes and goes...

Today just to torture myself I looked at the BMI scale (body mass indicator). Hurray for me I'm just over-weight at risk for high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, heart failure....etc. Gee, the same list when I was obese...GROAN! There is light at the end of the tunnel when I weigh 154 I'll be in normal range for BMI. Plus BMI does not take in to account for muscles. Isn't that a tad odd? Muscle weighs more than fat, and you should be muscular to some extent it helps you keep your bone mass.

The scale was wavering this morning not quite 178 but not quite 179. Hopefully tomorrow it will read 178. That would be an awesome result for the start of a new eating plan.

We tried this recipe yesterday it is AWESOME! I doubled it.

Turkey Salad with Peanut Sauce Add to Favorites
Prep Time: 5 mins Cook Time: 7 mins
Total Time: 12 mins Makes 1 Servings:
Per Serving: Calories: 359 , Saturated Fat: 3 g , Total Fat: 13 g , Carbs: 42 g , Dietary Fiber: 11 g , Protein: 24 g , Cholesterol: 20 mg , Sodium: 232 mg

Ingredients: 1 ounce(s) turkey, breast (cooked)
1 ounce(s) pasta, spaghetti, whole wheat
1/2 cup(s) pepper(s), red, bell
1/4 cup(s) carrot(s)
1/2 cup(s) cucumber(s)
1/2 cup(s) sprouts, bean
1/2 cup(s) snow pea pods
1/4 ounce(s) nuts, peanuts, unsalted
1 tablespoon peanut butter, natural
1 teaspoon soy sauce, reduced-sodium

Cook pasta according to package directions.

Whisk together peanut butter and soy sauce.

Combine spaghetti and remaining ingredients. Top with peanut sauce.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

179! WOO HOO!

Now I know a lot of people would totally freak out if they saw 179 on their scales but to me it is AWESOME! I've lost 50 pounds! 229 to 179! I've gone from a tight 20 to lose 14 (depending on the pants that is)The last time I was in the 170's was the 90's. Wow! Great incentive to keep up with Jillian Michaels' food plan! All I can say is come on 178! One pund at a time to 150 maybe 145? Twenty 29 more to go! After 50 that just doesn't sound so bad!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Friday up date on the week

Last night was BUNCO! Cyndee opted to have a PJ party! Fun theme for January! We all came in our best PJs. We're styling at night let me tell you! We looked at jewelry to buy (I didn't succumb to temptation. It was a close one though), and New Years Eve pictures from Rae Lynn's party. Cyndee made a lovely spread to eat. It was delicious! I shouldn't have eaten a thing... Especially the pretzel salad, YUM! A good time was had by all!

Looks like Jackie is going to throw a HUGE Birthday bash for all us January B-days.
So Funny, Ray, Carl, Andy, and ME all have either the 25th or 26th as our B-day. Should be a blast!

I just started Jillian Michael's weight loss program. I just did my first shop for the her menu. It's a tad pricey with all the fresh stuff, but I figure it will over lap a bit and the cost will go down. One thing there is no nectarines or peaches to be found this time of year. I have feeling finding fresh raspberries for next week's menu may be a problem too. She does have alternative menu items if you don't like the particular food or want something else. The eating out guide is helpful too. sushi rolls with out rice though just seem so draconian... I'll be 179 soon! LOL!

I'm setting up my Ipod...finally getting into the 2000's ....LOL! I'm sure I'll love it for walking and <> running. Courtney and I are going to do the Predator 5K. I'd like to be able to actually run it, but walking it is no shame still exercise , right! It is for a great cause children charities around Nashville. We get a very cool tee shirt and game tickets so the whole family will be able to go to the game.

I did the Zumba thing this morning. I LOVE IT! The Club is full with all the new resolution people no way to go to power class. YIKES! I can't wait till the fall off starts.

Well that Ipod isn't going to fill itself...

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Signs of life!

Well, I'm ashamed to admit it, but I fell sound asleep after the first period of the Preds game with the Kings. I didn't miss the three goals in a 115 seconds though! HOLY COW! it was a 7 to zip route of the poor Kings. AWESOME!

Katie has a HUGE old crush on a classmate, Noah. She even walked home with Emily so she could walk with Noah... Other Katie news. She was weighed and measured yesterday. She is 5'7" officially one inch taller than her mother! Plus perfectly in her weight range at 130! So there Dr. Humphreys! She's still growing though only 11 almost 12. HOLY COW!

Courtney went to her first Vet explorers meeting. They went over a typical exam and the schooling involved to be a vet. Courtney siad it was a bit on the boring side but there is one stunningly cute boy so she'll stick it out...LOL! Wait till I tell Jessie! Blackmail fodder for sure.

Jim is supposed to return home today. I'm not quite sure what he looks like... LOL!
Probably just long enough to rewash his clothing and pack again.

Well, I'm off to try to Zumba my butt down a size or two....

Monday, January 7, 2008

Just the Cutest Doggies in the World!

I wish I could say they are angels too! Oh well good thing they are so cute or they'd be goners! ROFL!

Cookie dumped the bathroom waste basket and found a kleenex that she shredded up and down the upstairs hall way.

Dyson has decided when it is really cold out side peeing in the garage is the thing to do...GROSS! power washing the garage floor is in my future...GROAN!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Good Luck Charm!

Courtney and Me showing off our paw prints
Predators SOLD OUT game!!!

I don't know how to break it to Jim, but Courtney is going to the games with me from now on. It seems the Predators perform very well when she is in the audience, every game she goes to they WIN!

I really wanted to go to Anaheim for the Ducks vs Predators game Monday. We have the free tickets but Jim's work got in the way. Take in the the game and Disney Land...WE might have been able to go to the Titans play off game too. DRAT! Oh well maybe next year! Courtney would have been there to cheer them on. I hope they do well without their good luck charm...LOL!

It's been fun taking her to the games. WE'RE CURED, all desire for funnel cakes is now gone. We got one last game. By the time we got to our seats the powdered sugar was yellow with grease. It was just gross. We had one or two bites and were DONE. Unfortunately the gourmet carmel apple are as delicious as ever... One must have some vices.

Today, after I work out, I plan on being a slug in front of the TV watching the games. Lofty goals huh?

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Healthy ME!


Went to the trainer this morning. I didn't even whine... much. LOL! I didn't whine about the training I whined about the stupid sinus headache I woke up with this morning. Thankfully the Ibuprofen worked I feel just fine now.

I went to the grocery store to get some healthy foods. I'm making some Humus for some healthy snacks for the football games tomorrow. I got a basic one from the web and one from YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT that BBC program. I think I'll try this basic one first.


1 12-oz can garbanzo beans
1 clove garlic
2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
2-3 tbsp tahini sauce (sesame paste)
juice of 1 small lemon
½ tsp salt

Drain 1/3 of the water from the can of garbanzo beans into a small bowl. Set aside for later use.
In a blender, mix together the garbanzo beans with the remaining can water and the rest of the ingredients.

Blend for 1-2 minutes until a smooth, slightly fluid paste is formed.

If desired, add small amount of the saved can water and blend to create a more fluid consistency.

Sounds extremely easy. Hope it is yummy too!

Friday, January 4, 2008

I miss my husband!

DH is on a business thing... No one to warm my cold feet on and no one to check out why the dogs woke up barking. So here I was prowling my house with the cordless phone in my hand ready to dial 911. Nothing, thank heavens! But I get nice settled back into bed just drfting off and I hear a bump & bang. I'm UP. call out to my DD and no answer. Hear some more bumping coming from her room direction. I get there and Unlock the door... she didn't hear my call she was just turning on her fan... But I'm UP now. GROAN!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

2008 Begins my mind is wondering all over

It is official the holidays are over and school is in session again! So back to normal life in 2008... What ever that is...

OMG! Holy Cow we are almost a decade into the new millennium. Seems like yesterday that people were so worried about Y2K all the computers going down because of a programming error... Almost 7 years since the World Trade Center's Twin towers were attack by crazy fanatic people that have bastardized their religion into something twisted and sick. Planned by cowards and executed by suicidal brain washed idiots. Seems a lot of people have forgotten to me. There are more out there... People don't know how many horrible plots have been uncovered and stopped since then... Oops! getting a little to political, maybe because people in another state are picking who we will probably be voting for next November for president. Personally not one of the candidates Republican or Democrat seem worthy of the job.
Hilary positively makes my skin crawl. She'd do anything to have power including staying married to a a repeat cheater, and possibly having someone murdered over a property scheme...Remember? That poor lawyer in the park? CREEPY! God help us if she gets into power. What is even more frightening is that idiot in traffic this morning can vote too... YIKES! do any of us really know what these people running for office stand for? We get blurps on the news spun by what ever that reporter or station thinks. Press releases by the candidates. You just have to wonder who'd want the job of President. I wouldn't want it. It almost like if you want the job you should NEVER have it...

Enough political junk... I'm just getting a little worried where our country is going. The dollar so is weak. We are importing too much. Our kids seem more interested in video games than learning stuff in school to get good jobs and have a bright future. We seem to be nuturing a bunch of spoilt brats not future world leaders...

Guess I'm miss doom and gloom this morning. Yikes! promise to be miss sunshine tomorrow...

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Party shots!

Rae Lynn, Susan, Ashley and Andrea

Just a bit more left from New Years!

Yesterday, I made a pork roast and sauerkraut in the crock pot and black eyed peas. We should have good luck the rest of the year right? LOL! Katie discover she DOES like sauerkraut and pork roast. The whole thing is GONE! Her friends liked it too... I thought we'd have left overs... now I have to cook something today. BUMMER.

I woke up with the worst case of cramps. I don't know if I can Zumba through them. I bought Courtney some Midol two days ago... I maybe begging some.

I scrapped yesterday! I got two pages done. The Christmas decorations are all still up though... They have to go away today and the Thank you notes must go out and my brothers' birthday cards. Andy's won't make it in time, and Bruce I bought several because it is his 50th. I sent my sister many , many card but her birthday was at the end of the month of March. Bruce gets jipped just three. LOL!

Well, I'm going to try to pull myself together and go exercise. Between the stupid lingering cold and cramps I'm not sure if I have the energy. Maybe just the treadmill in the movie...

Looking forward to Girls lunch with Sunnette!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Jim wasn't feeling too well so we didn't make it to midnight.I wasn't feeling much better, and I didn't work all day. Freaking cold SUCKS! But we had fun!

Happy New Year!!! more pictures to come off Jim camera phone!

Party! Rae Lynn's cheesy prop! (her words not mine)
Andrea doesn't look like she was enjoying her shot!