Thursday, September 27, 2012



I got a large drawer cleaned out upstairs in the TV stand.  Why we saved half of the stuff is beyond me.
Clearing the clutter out feels good.  Been slowly picking away at it.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


This is what I believe:

1. Pursuit of happiness in for everyone.  So if a man wants to marry another man  or a woman wants to marry another woman they should be allowed  to do so.

2. The constitution says pursuit of happiness it does NOT guarantee it. Giving people money FOREVER  on welfare would have disgusted our founding fathers.  Unless you are completely disabled you should work somehow for the money you receive.

3. I believe in gun control.  I think more extensive back ground checks should be done.  No one "needs" an assault rifle to hunt.

4. I believe abortions should be legal in these cases, rape, incest, and, health concerns for mother.  NOT as a form of birth control.  BUT women should decide NOT men.  Our bodies our health our concern.

5. I am tired of stay at home moms being made fun of, or less of, or people calling us "corporate wives".   We actually RAISE our own children not day cares.  Even when I tried to work  outside the home the hours for child care made it impossible with my husband's travel schedule.  I did run my own business from home...

6. Manners have been forgotten.  Parents do their children no good service allowing them interrupt adult conversations because they want the spot light.

7.  Any one who is cruel to animals should be horse whipped.  Seriously.

8. Drivers tests should be much harder.  You SHOULD get a ticket if you don't use your turning signals.  People over 65 should  have eye sight test EVERY year.

9. It should be harder for people to get married.  There should be classes/counseling on finance, parenting, and how to argue/ disagree effectively without hurting the other person.

10. Should be harder  to get a divorce.  Counseling for at least two years except in abuse cases.

11. There should be term limits for senators and congress.  Extensive back ground checks should be done on them.  NO CAREER POLITICIANS!

12. Pedophiles should be shot.

13. Murderers and rapists should serve their whole sentence in prison period.

14.  Everyone should have the SAME representation in the courts.  It should NOT matter how much money you have.

15.  Most lawyers SUCK.

16. Law suits should have a two year limit.  After that they are void.

17.  Over regulation kills businesses.

18. Being PC sucks.  Raising a nation of wimps.

19. They should teach this in school manditory:  how to cook, balance check book, make a budget, basic sewing, basic auto repair, how to do laundry, and how to clean and WHY.

20. BE KIND.

more later....