Thursday, July 31, 2008

looks like RAIN

I should be walking... Guess it really doesn't matter if I get wet. I'm not sugar....

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

new layouts and photos

Dyson photo shoot

I actually scrapped this weekend! Maybe I'll get done with Halloween 2007 in time for 2008....maybe

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Too Much Excitement

Here I am ready to enjoy a nice day by the pool reading a book taking a dip every once in a while. Tuesday is pool day. One day a week I set aside too enjoy my pool. I actually got about a hour in when a hysterical Marilyn T bursts in the back yard. It seems her 4 year old son Elliot is missing. She said she looked every where in her house... She was making him cookies. he came out the garage...Funny thing is my lawn service guys never saw him... I throw on a towel, and start searching by the creek. Meanwhile Marilyn is rolling in the grass" saying where is her where is he.." totally hysterical. That isn't helping finding her son. Luckily Jennifer got her to calm down. We all organized. I get Katie out of the shower to help I thrown on shorts. We started searching every backyard every pool every car, garage, etc. Even my lawn service guys are helping. We're looking a good 30 to 40 minutes. The police are called. They arrive and go into the house with Marilyn for just one more once over. Marilyn says he isn't in the house I looked BUT when they get to the laundry room she opens and shuts the drier hard. It wakes up a sleeping Elliot in the linen closet... SCARED the crap out of all of us because she panicked and didn't look thoroughly in her own freaking house. I'm so happy the child is fine! I guess next time poor Marilyn will do a more complete search...I'd hope so any way.... I feel new gray hairs sprouting after that fiasco...


I don't know why, but I'm exhausted. I guess I didn't get quality sleep. I had weird dreams, nightmares maybe? I was putting on a scrapbook convention in the new convention center here in the 'boro, so was My ex partner (the one I hate) at the same time. It was very, very strange. I woke up thinking what the heck... YUCK!

I'm here trying to talk myself into going to the gym. I really don't feel like it. I went to Zumba and later a TBW class yesterday. My neck and lower back are stiff and sore today not my muscles. I had a stuffed up nose when I woke up. I think I may be coming down with something... YUCK! I think I may just wait till to go till Katie goes to volley ball practise. I may just take a nice morning walk or swim in the pool...

Katie made it through the first cuts to the volley ball team. She has to improve her serve if she is to make the final cut. Maybe if she actually got the chance to practise she'd be better but practise has been canceled the last two weeks because of the re-finishing of the gym floor...that should have take 3 days max... can you say foul ups? hope this isn't a preview to come of Central this year... if so Katie will be going to St Rose... she likes the start time better any way...LOL!

Courtney is at the lake with friends from camp. She maybe coming home today or tomorrow. I really haven't seen much of my oldest this summer. It is wild to think they'll be back at school in a little over a week! heck pregames for the Titans start too! FOOTBALL SEASON! HOLY COW!

Well, I think I'm going to go take that walk before the temperature goes into the
90's. Heat exhaustion wouldn't be good...

Monday, July 28, 2008

Views on and from the boats

Hot summer days should be spent on the Lake!

Here's to hoping this weekend can be a lake weekend...

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Added the pic to JULY

Woo Hoo! Pictures....


I'm working on my plans for HALLOWEEN! I know I'm touched BUT I don't care I LOVE IT!
This year I've settled on a wedding theme something along the lines of the wedding feast from Great Expectations with a little creeper thrown in... I've already located molds for the candy rats....LIFE IS GOOD! LOL! I'm going to try my hand at making a wedding cake...Halloween style of course. I've never worked with fondant before this should be interesting. My cake decorating skills I haven't used since 1984 in culinary school. I wasn't much of a pastry chef then, BUT my attention to detail and my patients level for working with artistic stuff has grown over that time. Any way it will be a learning experience, and my nod to one of my favorite shows Ace of Cakes. Not sure if I sould thank them for the inspiration yet... LOL!

I found some wonderful pieces for the buffet table at Hobby Lobby. I call it fondly Goth elegant. Black "jeweled" pieces pretty and creepy at the same time gotta love it! I just have to find the perfect table cloths...

This is what I'd love to wear....BUT isn't going to happen...BUMMER

Saturday, July 26, 2008

I'm living in a sitcom...

Or maybe one of those weird reality shows...

I was dancing around the house and got caught by Courtney's boyfriend...He thought it was really funny... doesn't everybody Zumba around the house? Strangely all the kids think it is wierd... ANOTHER WAY TO EMBARRASS MY KIDS!

My tire got some road debri in it of course so close to the side where it ruined the tire... I couldn't get the tire to inflate enough to drive it any where so I called the shop. They send some one right over because they weren't busy. He was a very nice guy. BUT had no clue how to find the spare on a Mazada. It's a where is Waldo kind of thing. Thank goodness I have my owners mannual or we'd still be out there even with wasn't a cake walk. We're moving seats and carpet to find a release button to even lower the spare. I wish I had a video. I'd send it in to America's Funniest I could use the $10,000....LOL! So he finally gets the spare out and on. The sucker is FLAT he judges I can make it to the shop. He's REALLY WRONG! It pancakes the minute I try to drive on it. He's off to the races.... So I call the shop to call him back. He comes back we try to put air in it. The valve stem is rotted won't hold air. He calls the shop. His boss tells him to just get the tire mont it and bring it back here and put it on the van plus take the spare in to be fixed. I'm $220 lighter in the wallet but at least I have a van to drive...

Thursday, July 24, 2008


We had a very nice visit with my brother, Andy's family in early July. I was going to share some of the pictures but every attempt has been met with a bunch of frustrations.

OK as soon as I bitched I finally figured it out ..LOL! This is a self portrait Katie took of herself in the pool. Perfect for the silly kid picture of the week!
Now I'm going to have to upload a bunch of pictures and then delete them... Oh well!

Any way we had a nice visit with Andy, Cindy , Grant and Erin. We took them to Center Hill Lake and took them tubing off the jet boat and rented a pontoon boat for just swimming off and touring. I think we beat the heck out of poor Grant and Andy. We're a tad bit on the dare devil side when it comes to tubing...

We dragged them on our nickle tour of Murfreesboro. Stones River Battle field was the first stop. We got the best guide we'd ever had he explained the battle and it's importance to the North. Very interesting! I loved it if no one else did! It was the very first big victory for the North after the Emancipation Proclamation. It stopped the British and French from joining in the war... any way VERY COOL!!!

We then went to the Oaklands the founding father of Murfreesboro home. I have part of the novel I'm writing staged there... Any way we had another good tour not the best one... I actually have been there so many times I probably could give an excellent tour with out the guide... LOL!

We exposed them all to our neighbors for the 4th of July party. They really get into the fireworks in our neighborhood... YIKES!

Katie and Courtney are all back from camp now. They had a good chunk of the summer at camp YI. They both had a blast. Katie was even honor camper. she did EVERYTHING. Such a cool camp! Boating, tubing, swimming, horse back riding, rope courses, crafts, archery.... I know I'm forgetting something...

I've been having Tuesday's by the pool here at the house inviting friends and neighbors over. It's been really fun. This week we had thunder storms that kind of put a damper on pool day a bit.

This past weekend we went back to the lake and tubed all day after picking Courtney up from camp. We did full on action tubing! My back and shoulders were sore from hanging on and I had rug burns on my knees. it was a blast until we tangled the tow rope in the boat jet... thank goodness we have two jets. Jim got the rope out at home we'll be buying a new tow rope... doesn't look like we damaged the boat but we won't know till we test it out... cross your finger and say a prayer for us! LOL!

Just finished Brother Odd by Dean Koontz. LOVED IT! If you like a little Sci/Fi horror... I'd recommend it! thank you mom Margie!

Time to make the dinner Jim brought corn grown here in Tennessee! one of the lovely ladies in the office brought some in to share. YUM!

Monday, July 7, 2008

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished...

Why does it seem that every time I do something nice for someone else I'm rewarded with Aggravation?! Doesn't matter if I'm nice in traffic by letting someone in or doing one of those small favors for a friend... OK maybe not every time just lately...

I put on one of those Premier Jewelry parties so Katie's niece would have more from her party. Call it a house warming present, they just moved into our neighborhood.
I also felt a little sorry for the lady selling it because she was due to having up coming back surgery... THERE WAS MY BIG MISTAKE! This woman is wearing me out! I told her I had company coming soon. BUT that went in one ear and out the other. you'd think jewelry was life and death.

The real sad thing is if she was not so freaking annoying Sunnette would have had a party. Someone else is going to get the business... She's killing her own business with her sob stories. The back surgery story wasn't enough so we got to hear about her son running away (don't blame him), her gay ex husband (I'd turn gay too if I was married to her), her mother's death (by the end of the evening with her everyone trapped in the room was envying the lady the escape). The icing on the cake for me was while her mother was on her death bed she wanted her family to pray for her jewelry business, and was hurt when they gave her the cold shoulder. This woman has borderline personality disorder written all over her...YIKES!

I'm now trying to decide if I should tell her how much of a turn off her sales pitch was or let it be... I'm sure that good deed would get punished....