Friday, September 28, 2007

Meet the team party!

Last night was the annual meet the team party for the Predators. Jim and I got to GO! In ten years this is the first time that we've gone! Someone else always had the tickets because we shared them with 5 other couples. This year since we have our OWN FULL SET of tickets it wasn't a issue.

It was nice. They had players signing autographs in several groups. You received a ticket to a group to get the autographs, a ticket for your food item, and a pass to the ice where you could shoot a puck (I bounced mine off the pole hard!). We got to see the locker room, training rooms, and work out room. They are smaller than I imagined especially compared to the Titans.

It was pretty cool! We have a new banner for the bonus room man-cave that has Chris Mason, an Shea Webber's autograph on it, and I have new hat with Martin Erat and Jason Arnott (new captain)autographs on it. They also happen to be two of the HOTTEST guys on the I lucky or what?

The first REAL game of the Season is October 4th! WoO hOo! Almost hockey season!!!

Thursday, September 27, 2007


I'm ecstatic with how the Haunted Grave Yard has turned out! All that is left to do is the lighting. I'm going to use blue spot lights for every day. When we have the parties and for Trick or Treat I'll have the strobes going and the fog machines.

I'm going to decorate the attic window, the bonus room window, and the windows by the front door today. I think red plastic wrap just to cover the windows a bit and put out a glow. In the past I've used those blinky eyes that stay on (in theory) with suction cups...they fell off so many times it was a pain! plus the battery cost ever Halloween in going WAY up. JIm use to be a battery buyer so all the bateries were free it was sticker shock when I started paying for them! Same with candy...
Miss those perks of his old job, but not the stress!

I'll post a peek at one of our new decorations.

Have a good Day!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

All sorts of Happenings! Some GOOD!

Yesterday I got word that I won a prize for my Bathing Beauty layout at Scrapattack! How fun is that? it was nice to have my work recognized. the other layouts were pretty wonderful so I feel lucky! (SEE LAYOUT AT BOTTOM OF PAGE)

I got on the scale today and I weighed 184! Which is some kind of miracle because I ate wrong and didn't go work out {Shame on ME!} Going to go to spin class this morning to make up for it.

I got my wreath project done, and set out the headstones. I need to get the lighting in place, ghouls, and grave busters placedand secured. My front bed are beginning to look like a haunt cemetery! Anyway I'm having a blast!

Hope you all have great day!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Rushing the season

I've been chomping at the bit to start putting up my Halloween decorations, BUT it isn't October yet. My neighbors have beat me to the punch! Melisa has pumpkin shapes out, and Marilyn has skulls all along her sidewalk! So I take that as totally having permission to start! WOO HOO!

I got the pieces parts all out to make my new door wreath out I bought after Halloween last year. That will be my project for today. I'm going to paint my skull for my "corpse". Should be a gruesome day! ROFL!

I bought several new props for my out side decorations. Several "grave busters" to put in front of the tomb stones. I want the Giant Pirate ghost I saw at Walgreens. I may just break down and buy it. We are going to be pirate themed in costume I should make the house match, right? LOL! I need to buy some tent stakes and string. I want to find blue floods to make it creeper. I'll be on a mission!

This is going to be FUN!!! I love decorating for Halloween!

Monday, September 24, 2007

See my NEW blog!

Just for Halloween!!!!

The weekend in review!

I'm starting to feel more human again. Actually from Saturday on I've been much better. No fever but still a snotty nose and cough. just enough to be annoying.

Looks like Courtney is going to be off to Europe this summer with People to People. The trip sounds awesome! England, France, Belgium and the Netherlands. She is raising all the money for her trip this time except for the deposit. We'll fork over the $400. She may be hitting you up with one of her fund raisers! Tomorrow she is going to re-work her babysitting fliers. She has to raise about $5,200 for her adventure. She has to bring in about $500 a month. We were very generous with the Australian trip last time but not this time! I think she'll appreciate it more if she actually works for it. Not that she didn't appreciate getting to go to Australia. Maybe self-reliant, proud would be a better choice of words.

Saturday Jim and I went to see Leanne Rhymes with the Nashville Symphony was really good we enjoyed it! We also caught the very beginning of the Predator preseason game with the Hurricanes. Talk about two really different events !
I felt silly going to a Hockey game in heels... They were Charles David's and AWESOME! but not really hockey foot wear... We got a peek at the rookies at least. it was a fun night.

Katie started her Saxophone lessons Friday. She'll be going every other week. Just to get a bit of a leg up. She is doing really well so far. She seems to like it a lot because she practices without me bugging her! She actually has pretty good tone, and sounds good most of the time... Others a bit like a moose or goose in HEAT or pain not sure which....

My transmission is trying to go out on my van. Guess I'll be spending the day either today or tomorrow at the shop. Oh joy. Of course the van is just out of warranty 62,000 miles...

Courtney has another eye doctor appointment to get her new contacts. She had a slight eye infection Thursday so he couldn't do the exam. She's had to wear her glasses all weekend. which she wasn't happy about. Hopefully it is cleared up today!

Well, that is about all my news for now! have a good one!

Sunday, September 23, 2007


I am stuck at 185... better than 195 BUT I'd really like to be at 180 at the end of the month...wishful thinking... But 184 or 183 would be OK!

We got two of our friends to join in the fitness stuff! Melisa and Tim signed up with our personal trainer Saturday. more friends to go to classes with... WOOHOO!
I need all the pushing I can get!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sick and tired....

I'm still sick with a rotten cold...

There are a few things that are really bugging me today. So since I'm in a whiny mood I might as well get them off my chest...

1) People that say they'll call you right back and don't. We have tickets for a lovely event, Leanne Rhymes with the Nashville Symphony for Saturday. We have two extra tickets I offered a friend. I don't want these to go to waste even though they were free to us. Said friend has not gotten back to me 24 hours later... I'm sorry it is just RUDE. I regret asking her now. Something that was supposed to be fun is now a bit tainted...

2) That court cases can drag out for YEARS. I've been in civil litigation with an EX partner since 2003. she has with drawn cases twice but refiles the last time was October 2006. It's been a year almost and nada. I Emailed my lawyer in June, and still have no answers. How long can this be drawn out? I just want it OVER. Email lawyer today hopefully I'll some answers... NOT HOLDING MY BREATH...

3) Lady at the check out counter don't assume I agree with your outlook on life... Personally the unions up North have put plenty of businesses under. I don't think a clerk at a grocery store deserves $20 a hour no matter how long he/she has worked there... It's unskilled labor if you want to make more money go back to school and get a skill then we'll talk...

4)Why is it liberals seem think they know so much more about politics? Sorry it is annoying.

5)I don't think black quater back s get treated any different than white, except for racial slurs (only ignorant morons use those) I think quarterbacks in general either get the praise, or the scorn because of the position right or wrong. So Mr McNabb I respectfully disagree.

6) If I never hear another thing about Paris Hilton, Brittany Speers, Nicole Richie,or Lidnsey Lohan I'd be fine with it. Aren't there more interesting people in the world?

I guess that is enough whining for now....

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Terrible germs!

The germ bag aka my DH, Jim. Brought home a cold bug from his travels and oh so generously shared it with me. I'm a giant unhappy phlegm ball this morning. Woke up twice with an awful sore throat from drainage. I've been trying to drowned the cold with liquids. I see a trip to the pharmacy in my future to get those Coldese tabs to see if they work. They are suppose to shorten the time you have a cold. I wonder if they will do their magic by the weekend. I sincerely hope so!

Germ bag, I mean Jim... is off to Wooster, Ohio for a show. Hopefully he won't bring back any more "presents" to share. If he does he is sleeping on the couch!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Loving my scale! LOVING LIFE!

This morning it read 185! 35 more pounds to go! Today was football day that means tailgating and not much exercise, so I'm not looking for a loss tomorrow... Hopefully not a gain... maintain would be SO nice. I was marginally good, BUT I really enjoyed myself!

Today was the first Titan home game. I wish it was a win BUTat least it was very close! First preseason hockey game for the Predators. They beat the Blue Jackets!

Friday, September 14, 2007


It read 186 this morning! WoO hOo! I'M GETTING SKINNY!!! Well, relatively... I've lost 43 pounds since March! I have 36 more to go to hit my target weight!

I'm totally thrilled that the "I've lost " number is now BIGGER than the "I have to lose " number!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

No Pudge Fudge is the BOMB!

These are wonderful!!! And even the worst baker in the world really can't mess this up as long as you can measure 2/3 cup of low fat yogurt. you can even make individual servings if you think you'll eat the whole pan.

Here's the web site I know they are stocked at Kroger and food Lion. Not sugar free but instead of 175 to 250 calories for 2x2 square it's 120.

They even have recipes on the site using their products. Here's a good one!

Frozen Mousse Brownie Sandwiches


1 pkg No Pudge! Fudge Brownie Mix
2 cups cold fat free milk
2 pkgs sugar free instant vanilla pudding (1 ounce each)
3 tbsp vanilla or white chocolate chips, melted and cooled
1/2 cup reduced fat whipped topping

1. Line the bottom and sides of two 9 x 13 x 2 baking pans with parchment paper. Coat the paper with non stick spray

2. Prepare the brownies according to package directions. Divide the batter evenly between the 2 pans.

3. Bake at 350 degrees for 15 to 18 minutes or until edges pull away from the sides of the pan and a toothpick comes out clean. Cool on wire racks.

4. In a bowl whisk together milk and pudding mixes for two minutes. Stir a small amount of the pudding into the melted chips, then return all to the pudding. Fold in whip topping.

5. Cover 2 large cutting boards with plastic wrap (don't use wax paper - I learned the hard way) Invert one pan of brownies onto each prepared board. Gently peel off parchment. Spread mousse to within 1/2 inch of edges of the first brownie. Carefully invert second brownie layer on top of mousse.

6. Cover and freeze for about 4 hours or until filling is firm. Remove from freezer 10 minutes before cutting into sandwiches. Individually wrap left over sandwiches and store in freezer.

No Pudge! Note: For a thicker brownie use 1 box of mix and two 8 x 8 baking pans. For a tasty option we tried softening fat-free frozen yogurt. Remove from the freezer and let soften. Spread on the prepared brownie, freeze and enjoy. Delicious AND Fat Free!

Yield: 15 servings

So nice to find a lower calorie food that is SO GOOD!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Well, here are some up dates!

The scale read 188! Finally! Come on 187!

Courtney is done with frog Richard, and on to Sir Jessie... she went to church with him Sunday.

We have RAIN! Lots of RAIN! Not complaining mind you, we really need it. The water bill will go down with no watering the lawn! Always a silver lining! I hope it is done by the weekend because we have the MTSU game and The Titans game Saturday and Sunday. Not partial to sitting out in the rain watching football...kind of a fair weather fan...ROFL! Though I did buy two new pouchos at Walgreen's on sale.

The house is still CLEAN! Back to organizing an area in the house I think the linen closet in the hall is the lucky area of the day!

Hope you are having a great day! thanks for reading!

Monday, September 10, 2007



I'm happy to say the football party was a HUGE success! I made just the right amount of food with all the wonderful things other people brought. The mudslides were a hit! I drank two and my head was spinning. Made them a tad STRONG... Everybody's head were spinning! We had just the right amount of people come, about 30 maybe 35. I had a GREAT time! Jim did too. So it made cleaning the house worth while.

The kids had a BIG time swimming. We had a bit of rain, but it cleared off and was beautiful out. The TV was under Tim's easy up any way so it didn't matter.

The Titans won! After the game was over most people stayed to watch the next games and high lights... It wound to a close about 7:00 PM. Not much of a mess to clean up either.

Lots of laughs and plans made for The MTSU game Saturday and the Titans game Sunday.

Tailgating is going to be murder on my sensible eating... I over ate and drank yesterday. Today I'm a puff ball. I did make healthy stuff for the most part. I ate more cheese than I have in months. Mudslides alcohol and sugar buzz! Just one is 400 calories easy... Mic Ultras for me next weekend ONLY!

Katie has a dentist appointment today for her cleaning. I've got to get Courtney in for an eye appointment. She needs more contacts. Guess we'll be making the doctor rounds...

Jim is some where in Texas till Thursday. I think San Antonio.... He's there for a show.

I have the personal trainer tonight hopefully I'll work off some of those mudslides....

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


I didn't get on the scale this morning. Right before that time.... I don't need to get depressed.I went a total body work out class and did 20 minutes on the arc trainer this morning, and I'm eating healthy. So After Auntie Flow leaves I get back on the scale and hopefully it will be nice to me! Come on 188!!! SLOW going.... oh well....I'm working out tonight too with Jim. The more cardio the burnt fat right?!

We shopped till we dropped this weekend. I found boots that fit my calves!!!! 9 West stretch! I've been looking for 3 years!!! I was such a happy camper! I must have tried on 20 pair of boots while shopping. The Lane Bryant were too big around the calf, the Bass zipped but were so tight, most would even zip 2 to 3 inched from the top.... just call me Goldie Boots! LOL! Any way made me feel GREAT! Weird how a pair of boots makes a girl feel better!

We got to meet Richard, Courtney's new bow. He seems very nice and very hooked on Courtney. Walked over here twice and came around in the evening. He works at McDonald's. Pays for his own car. Seems responsible....we'll see won't we.

Miss Katie-boo ( she hates that) made out BIG time shopping and did a bunch of self portraits. I just have to post them!!! they are really very good!

Saturday, September 1, 2007


Wow! I can't believe it is September! AMAZING!!

Last night was the first Oakland Patriots home football game. They played Cannon county, and WON! Courtney had to be there for ROTC. They had an over night and a bonfire. I haven't got all the details yet from Courtney on how that went. she did come up to Jim and I excitedly during the football game and announced she has a new boyfriend, Richard. Hope he isn't a Dick... (aren't I witty???) Guess we will find out more about Sir Richard later... (they are all sir till they become frogs again...)

After my half hour of chaperoning jimm and I went to IHOP. I was supposed to do the over night but weasled out of it. To be fair at the time I signed up I didn't know it was an over night. IHOP was not exactly diet/healthy food but it was GOOD! How bad are multi grain pancakes and a omelete? the scale was effected this morning so OK...maybe??? I like deluding myself....

Today is about running all over doing errands. So far we've got our work out in, a car washed, toes pedicured, groceries shopped and now hair is beoing cut. all by 11AM. I'd say we were doing pretty well... so much more to go but it is a three day weekend!

Now I'm off to pump my daughter about the over night and Sir Richard....