Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 67

Raining and disgusting. At least the Steroids have taken most of my aches and pains away. I could really use some sunshine for my mood. As happy as I was yesterday morning today I feel like mole woman. Maybe working out with the evil demon...I mean wonderful Andi will brighten my day....doubtful. She'll kick my butt no doubt.

Not hoping on the scale today. Because every time I have a big weight loss it bounces up the next day or stays the same. Either out come isn't what I want.

Tomorrow I go in for blood work so nothing by mouth after 9PM except water. Since now I do that most nights it shouldn't be hard. This is kind of funny. I'm dying to see the doctor to find out what the results are to all this healthy eating and exercise. I've never been dying to see a doctor ever, well maybe for Katie's ultra-sound ( when she was in me) BUT it's been a long time! I know I've lost a bunch of weight. We'll see how it translates into results with glucose levels, iron levels, B12. I feel healthier. I have more jump usually lately, this morning I'm a bit on the un-perky side. I don't feel bad physically, so maybe just seeing my gym friends will brighten up the day for me.

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