Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day16 &17

Period started. Felt BLAH! Yesterday. Hopefully I will have the will power to get to the gym today. I didn't yesterday.
Tried a new recipe deep dish taco pizza. Again very easy. I made mine smaller because we didn't need 6 servings.

I made a pizza crust the size of a personal pan pizza. I used the pizza stone from Pampered chef! Rarely use that thing finally finding a good use for it!

Browned VERY lean ground beef 4% fat and onion together.
added taco spices and can of diced tomatoes with peppers.
Cooked it down till most of the juice was gone.
Put on pizza crust topped with low fat Mexican cheese shreds.
baked at 425 for 12 minutes.

dab with low fat sour cream.... lettuce shreds would have been good too.

On a happy note the Predators beat the Coyotes! JP Dumont #71 got a hat trick!

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