Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 3

224 pounds

Well, the fiber in this meal plan is cleaning me out like a giant broom! I'm pleased 4 pounds gone! Probably water weight, but it feels good to look at the scale going DOWN.

The lasagna was OK. It tasted like Weight Watchers or Lean Cuisine Not like mine or Marina's. LOL! Way less fat. It needs tweaked more spice I think. I'll make my changes before I post recipe.

Today is PIZZA! Mushroom-spinach Pizza

1 10 ounce Italian pizza crust (Boboli)
1 1/3 cups tomato-basil pasta sauce
1 8oz package pre sliced mushrooms
1 cup coarsely chopped baby spinach
1 cup (4 oz ) part skim mozzarella shreds
1/4 teaspoon crushed red pepper

preheat oven 450 F
Bake for 10 minutes
yield 4 servings cut in 4 pieces

calories 308, 27% from fat fat 9.1g, fiber 2.9g
exchanges 2 starch, 2 vegetable, 1 high fat meat

On my way to the GYM!

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