Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 18

My new scale. Easier on my poor old eyes. BUT it weighs heavier than my old one! EEK! Up stairs my old scale read 221 which I like a hell of a lot better than 224.6 So I guess the good news is I've lost weight, 7 pounds BUT the NEW scale's numbers aren't as kind...sniff, sniff, sniff...BUT AT LEAST I CAN READ THE NUMBERS ON MY NEW SCALE! It's more in line with the doctor's office scale.

My jeans are fitting much better. They aren't I can't breath tight any more. I'm going to start trying on a lower size to see how far I need to go to hit that mini goal.

I have to admit I've hit a snag in my weigh loss. The law suit I've been going through this last 8 years has reared it's ugly head. It has thrown me for a bit of a loop. I didn't start my scheduled work out classes or go to the gym because I'm in a funk. But I am realizing that that is a truly stupid excuse. I'm letting that horrible person win, if I ruin or won't work on my health over this. I let the stress over this take over again and ate my way into my problem. It terrible that I worked so hard to get down to 170 only to gain it all back. I'll be damned if I let her effect another area of my life any more. It is supposed to be finally finished February 7 & 8. So I'm going to ZUMBA this morning! I'd like to see my NEW scale say 121 by Monday. MINI GOAL!

I'm going to talk about fiber, fiber in breads to be accurate. So all breads are not created equal for sure in that department. We all know about white vs wheat. But wheat breads even though they say whole wheat have vastly different amounts of fiber. Some only have as much as the white bread! CRAZY! It seems the higher the fiber content the more expensive the bread is. this below is a pile of GOLD! These were all close to $4 a package!
These are the highest fiber I could find in the Kroger grocery store near my home. The champ being the Thomas Hearty Muffins 8 grams of fiber and 100 calories. The Arnold grains & more double fiber bread has 6grams per slice and 100 calories, cover reads 48% Daily value of fiber... I just wonder is fiber expensive or something? I thought it came naturally in WHOLE WHEAT. I'd think you'd have to do less to the wheat if you keep the fiber. so why is So EXPENSIVE! I'm going hunting for coupons for these!

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