Friday, January 7, 2011

Day 5

Can I say 223.5? the needle wouldn't really land..... besides I like 1/2 off than 224 again, LOL!

Bummed I'd like to say 5 pounds in 5 days.... oh well! I had trouble eating all my vegetables yesterday. I think I had more fruit. I think 5 of fruit. Need to keep some V8 around. I just couldn't face chicken-garbanzo bean salad last night and made ricotta cheese-nut snack. It is so good!

one cup lite ricotta,
1/2 cup pecans or walnuts,
1/4 teaspoon Cinnamon
teaspoon or two of Splenda.
cals 298, 24 gram protein, 1 fat.

I put everything in the food processor, Nuts first, grind them, then everything else.

I'm going out to eat for the first time since eating right started. SUSHI! Good lean protein, and I won't get any fried rolls. Debra is trying to eat right too.

Katie & I skipped the gym...shame on us. tomorrow morning....

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