Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 4

224 pounds

I was very bummed when i got on the scale, and it didn't move downward from yesterday. I got spoilt the first 3 days! I probably shouldn't weigh every day. There are times in the month that I'll gain weight on the scale, but it will be pure water. I don't want to get discouraged. I also realized I really want a digital scale! These old eyes have a really hard time reading the little lines and I'd left my distance glasses down stairs. If I buy a new scale though it might be off or make me weigh more. I was weighed at the doctor's office in December so when I go back in March it will tell the real story. Hopefully I'll knock the doctor's socks off. 150 by March? That is 74 pounds. I doubt it. Shoot for 150, but be really happy with 180. I'm going to have to step up my work out to more than just cardio. I watched I USE TO BE FAT on MTV last night ( off DVR Predators game was on, priorities!) the 18 year old lost 90 pounds in 89 days. She had a really boot camp type trainer. Dragging tires all over.... I think the key is to vary the work out. Varying the work out is where I have trouble.

I did two trips to the gym yesterday. WE ARE MARSHALL was play in the cardio theater. I hadn't seen it and it was GOOD. I find if the movie is good I can go way longer. As soon as I have some endurance confidence I'm going back to Zumba. I think i can make an hour class! We shall see! I need weight training. So far I've printed out the schedule of classes for the MAC. Several group power classes and total body work out class that have that built into the hour. I know I'll be sore after one of those classes the next day. Oh and Kim, Jim and my old trainer offered to kick our asses on Saturdays along with Katie.

Today is going to be challenging. I have to bake an order. I have to make mini cupcakes for a baby shower. Death by chocolate and strawberry strawberry cream. The whole house is going to smell like a bakery. At least I'm sick of cupcakes. After Christmas I'm pretty sick of goodies of all kinds.

Katie and I went to the gym.

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