Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 51

218.4 :( I'm beyond upset. I haven't done anything to gain weight. I've stuck like glue to the 1800 calories a day or under. I worked out for 2 hours yesterday. I do believe it is water weight. I don't understand why I puff up like this I never did it before that I noticed. I think I'm going to go to weighing once a week. It is great weighing everyday when you are going down but these weird up swings are killing my mojo. I mean that to me is a HUGE jump from 216.8 to 218.4. It my be my cycle. Great PMS for two weeks aren't I lucky, NOT. The Evening Primrose hasn't seemed to have an effect. It is supposed to even out the water weight issue. Any way I'm miserable. Here I thought 215 was right within my reach, another mini goal.

I'm lifting weights this morning, and maybe doing a little cardio in the theater at the MAC.

I my quest to get enough iron and potassium in my diet i'm going to have to turn to box cereal. This morning it's Smart Start, it only has 25% of iron. I'm thinking Total is the only way to insure I get all the iron. WE don't eat much red meat. I've eaten spinach and dried fruit but I never get the full amount. My gummy multi-vitamin doesn't have iron! Going to have switch brands. It is really hard to get everything you need by diet alone.

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