Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 31

Time is almost up one month is tomorrow. This is the beautiful and cool new watch JIm bought me for my birthday.
So the ground hog did NOT see his shadow. So that might be a hopeful sign that I'll be able to use the walking trails with out freezing my parts off...

So I found out I'm NOT eating enough food. Although I feel like I'm eating all the time! If you don't eat enough food you kick your body into starvation mode and kick down your metabolism. So I've decided to try that 5 meals a day thing. It is really just two snacks instead of one. Really getting all the nutrients that you need is difficult. Reading all the labels is mind boggling! I'm using this to track what I eat Putting everything on it is challenge.You have to remember the pat of light butter, and handful of almonds. It breaks down your day. Tells you how you are doing and what you need more of in your diet. I'm very low on potassium and fats. Guess bananas and potatoes are in my future and maybe more olive oil?

Off to Zumba! yesterday I just did the treadmill at home and a some abs work.

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