Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 37

Still puff the magic dragon....

OK this water weight thing is really a downer. I just googled water weight/ PMS. This is pretty much what I found out. A lot of women share the same problem a few ounces to 5 pounds is pretty normal to retain right before your period.

The supposed fixes are
1. avoid caffeine ( PMS and no coffee I might KILL someone),
2. drink at least 8 8oz glasses of water ( I'm doing that),
3. eat high in potassium foods like bananas, apricots, etc ( I do that),
4. exercise at least 4 days a week ( try everyday....)
5.Avoid SODIUM. I've been trying vainly to do just that, EVERYTHING that I do not make myself seems to be over loaded with the stuff! Oh and STUPID me ate capers on smoked salmon pinwheels ( supposedly light good for you food). All those things are is a salt lick! So no processed foods at all or be PUFF THE MAGIC DRAGON....

I'm afraid I'll be a dragon for the next week I'll try not singe anything important....

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