Thursday, July 7, 2011

to do list for July 7th

OK so 3 weren't completed from yesterday...

1.Oil in jeep-

2.finish clearing kitchen table-

3.write out bill checks

4.mail packages-

5. walk dogs-

6. work out (sort of walked while on phone with mom 120 minutes)

7. clean refrigerator

8. Get insurance quotes for home owners ( I've heard We're paying WAY too much) farm bureau waiting on quote

I'm capping it at 8 today. I had crap for sleep last night. I've been going great guns getting stuff done lately. I deserve a small break. Beside 7 or 8 is about all I get through any way...LOL!


dogs walked
oil changed
mailed packages
work out
cleared kitchen table
insurance quote Six done by 3:19 PM not too bad....

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