Monday, July 25, 2011

Day 204

Not going near the scale I fell of the wagon in a BIG way this weekend. I enjoyed every minute of it! FAMOUS DAVE'S !!! the movies are right with out a few treats....Enough said...LOL! I'll be good all week..... :)


1. Washing machines, dish washers, car washes... anything that makes me not be the one scrubbing something! imagine how much time and energy, effort that would take! thank you! for my modern life!

2. Quality time with my husband this weekend! We had a good time.

3. Inspiration! I actually started scrapbooking again! I've had fun making pages this past week.

I think it is working! Seeing all the things to be thankful for helps make you pretty happy or cheers you if you are feeling a bit blue. Definitely something to it!

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