Monday, July 4, 2011

Day 183 Happy 4th of July!

On my quest to being a happier, skinnier human!


1. My cat Werewolf, who loves me unconditionally. He is always happy to see me purrs his head off for me. Sweet cat! he always makes me smile.

2. I live in the USA where I have freedom. being a woman in other parts of the world this would not be so...

3. That most of the summer shows on TV are back with episodes or will be back soon! And some really good new ones are out!

Still on my plateau.... keep wavering between 194.8 and 196. At 195 right now. My own fault for eating junk Saturday and Sunday. used Saturday as my cheat day for the movies and Mexican food. I did really good all day yesterday till the evening then I dived into the ice cream.... I should not have it in the house. Oh well going to the MAC for the marathon of classes this morning. that should burn some calories!

Time to walk the doggies!

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