Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day 186

193.6 again.... Hey I'll take it! As long as it doesn't go UP and sooner or later goes down again (SOONER rather than later PLEASE)
I'm starting to get compliments around the gym for my weight loss. That is a great motivator, and self esteem builder. 44.4 pounds DOWN! come on 45 down!

I woke up screaming at 2AM awful dream not really sure what it was about even. I have had crap for sleep since, I finally dosed in a chair at 5:30 till 7.... finding it a bit hard to be thankful about anything.....GROWL! I hate not sleeping.


1. Living in a safe neighborhood where I can walk my dogs alone, and still feel very safe.

2. Courtney, that she is excited about college! looks like a bright future!

3. Learning to read. i get so much enjoyment out of reading. I feel bad for people that can't do it.

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