Friday, July 22, 2011

Day 201

WOW! the year is more than half over only 164 days left! I'm doing OK on the 17 day diet except for that Zumba zombie I had last night at the Zumba in de club event...Oops! I didn't drink it all. Oh and eating all the vegetables..... not a big fan of vegetables. I did so well when i first started "eating sensibly" aka diet for freaking LIFE. BLAH! OK I suck at the 17 day diet.....BUT I'm trying!


1. the rain we had yesterday!

2. that I have a whirl pool tub that helps me when I'm stiff and sore!

3. That the Dollar store had $1 teddy bears I can make into ZOMBIE bears for my twisted carnival/circus themed Halloween.

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