Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Day 184

So i woke up to Dyson , my dog, puking this morning. I hope that isn't how the whole day is going to go...

I weighed 194.8. This morning can't seem to get below this number! To be fair after I weighed that for one brief and shining day the scale went up again and down and up and down... you get the idea. i was REALLY hoping it would go DOWN. Yesterday I walked the dogs. I went to Body pump, Diva dance and Zumba at the MAC. I swam in the pool for at least an hour if not more. I did eat Buffalo style hot wings and a Frosty but my calories weren't over 1800. I burned way more than I ate. I have burned more all month. I am not sure what I can change other than being super strict on my diet again. Doing the 17 day diet just for a few days made me lose weight again. I just feel a little deprived on that diet since I already went through super strict healthy eating in the beginning. I guess if I am really serious I need to go back to being super healthy bye-bye wings and ice cream.

OK for my positive affirmations!


1. My spot lifter! Without it, I'd be scrubbing up dog puke with my bare hands this morning.

2. My Bunn coffee maker. With out it I'd be a much crabber person! Love my caffeine fix!

3. JoBeth's friendship. She just sent me a wonderful book in the mail. She shares her life with me, and I share mine with her through Email. I am so glad I joined that Secret Pal swap because I met her.

Time to walk the dogs!

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