Friday, July 1, 2011

Day 175-180 July 1,2011

July 1st! Oops! forgot to post all week! Where did June go?

I'm on a Plateau! I'm hoping that I'll make that magical 193 SOON!!! I was hoping for 190 by the end of June but it wasn't meant to be :( Right now I'm a bit on the puffy side PMS at it's best :>P I am losing inches. My muscles, on my arms especially, are getting more definition. I'm back into size DDD 38 bras! I can wear my sports bras again! I still want to see the numbers go down on the scale.

I am SORE today. Andi is a sadist! ( trainer that teaches total body work out) I'm crazy! but I think I'm going to tighten up! Ibuprofen is my FRIEND!

Loving swimming! Love summer! The weight is going to come off!

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