Friday, April 1, 2011

Day 89

208.8 Same

I really need it to get warm again, this gray wet weather is really bring me down. The weather people promised sun for Saturday and a warm up. they better keep their word!!! Or I may go psycho and strangle one of them...LOL!

I'm in a real crap mood. The physical therapist, Kelly, said no Zumba. It's the only thing I really enjoy at the gym. I guess it is the arc machine for me for the next few days. I'll rest it till Monday. See how my feet feel. I didn't go Wednesday and the swelling on my ankles and feet was way down, so Kelly has a point... I just don't get the work out on the arc machine I get in a Zumba class. plus Zumba is FUN! You are dancing, the arc machine not so much. I hope there is a good movie in the cardio theater.

So I had this really ugly age spot show up on my face last fall. This is a picture of it when it just got hit with liquid nitrogen.
What it looks like about 3 weeks later.

I determined that the dermatologist I saw was a putz. He looked high to tell you the truth. maybe he has having allergy issues or insomnia. He barely looked at me did not examine my skin at all really. He might have talked to me about 5 minutes. I have a freckle on my right cheek that doesn't look normal at all. The procedure I did have to remove the age spot the nurse did it.
I think that I'll be seeing someone else not Dr Bell. He did seem better when Courtney saw him some-what, but over all I'm not impressed with him.

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