Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 110

205 no ounces! One more ounce 204....

So I feel like crap. Katie's "allergies" weren't allergies I think it was a good old fashion cold now trying to turn into a sinus infection. I think I caught her cold. Since almost every time i get a cold or allergy attack I get a sinus infection. So I bought a
neti pot for Katie. It is suppose to clean out your nasal passages and sooth them. She tried it last night but she was laughing so much the solution kept coming out her mouth not going from nostril to nostril. It did clean out her nose. I cleaned it and have gotten it ready to use. I'm not so sure about it. BUT several people have told me it is GREAT. Here goes nothing...false alarm the solution is still a little hot to put in my nose. i over heated it...

So to go to the gym or not to go to the gym. I think group power is out or body pump as they are now calling it. if i don't go the gunk will just settle in my throat and nose. i don't want to give it to anyone else, but i think that boat already sailed since I go everyday. I've exposed them.

OK so I tried the neti pot. i must say that is a weird feeling! I usually try really hard NOT to have water go up my nose. Pouring in my nose is strange. Trying to get myself NOT to breath out was even harder. But I finally got it to work. And it did clear my nose and sooth it. Once I got over the feeling of being waterboarded.

As for the the gym I'll see how I'm feeling at 9 AM. If I feel more human I'll go to zumba since Heidi is teaching.

I have cupcakes to bake for a shower tomorrow, and a cupcake tower to put together and decorate....


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