Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 93

207.6 Down a pound and a few ounces! Come on 200!

Eating my oatmeal (Made from scratch so no sodium). I put brown sugar and cinnamon in it but, it still reminds my of wall paper paste. I need to come up with the right formulation because i like to really enjoy my meals. This is just filling up space. maybe cooking it with the brown sugar and cinnamon in it would be better. I'm thinking pecans added would be good.

Tomorrow I'm trying a new recipe. It's a pork wrap with Boston cabbage. It look delicious. I'm eager to give it a whirl!

Tonight is 2nd to last home Predators game. All I can say is WIN!!! Three more games hopefully three more wins.

i went to Zumba yesterday my feet feel fine. I did ice them as soon as I hit the door. Took my Celebrex. I need my work out that I enjoy. Today is Total body work out. I don't like it really. I like seeing my friends. I like the results shown on my body. But it isn't fun. I'm a clock watcher in that class.

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