Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day 100

FRUSTRATION! I keep losing and gaining the same pound over and over. It totally SUCKS! I have eaten 2000 calories once since January 3rd. Most days I think my average in take would be 1600 calories or less. I work out usually 5 days out of 7 sometimes more. i burn about 1000 calories in exercise. So why am I struggling with the same freaking pound???? WATER WEIGHT???? Even if I don't exercise my body is suppose to burn at least 2000 so I really don't get it. I drink my water.

I have a HUGE problem keeping the sodium at the 1500mg level. Anything that is processed has too much SALT! Unless you want to make EVERYTHING from scratch ( who has the time?) finding low sodium food is so HARD!

I'm just really frustrated with how fast the weight is coming off now...

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