Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day 97

207.2 Disappointed was hoping I'd lose those 2 ounces.... water weight in my poor ankles...LOL!

I over did it at the gym yesterday. I really need a REST! THAT'S MY STORY AND STICKING TO IT! Group power was brutal. Me going straight to Zumba after that was a bit much. I've done it before BUT last time Group Power was easier and I tried less weight. I've been doing extra work after classes. The arc twice this week after total body work out 20 to 40 minutes. Plus I've had physical therapy twice this week too. I haven't taken a day off the gym since last Sunday. I think I may walk the neighborhood today as cardio or shop :) LOL! I'm probably go in and do the arc machine Sunday especially if they have a good movie. The other day GOING THE DISTANCE was on and I wanted to stay and watch the whole movie I would have except I had a therapy appointment.

I'll be working on the pool a bit. Hopefully I'll catch some sun too!

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