Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Trying on pants! and other brags?

So I went to the size 14 section of my closet just to torture myself.... I put on a pair of capri's and buttoned them. I could not breath and I had a devil of a time unbuttoning them, BUT I could put them on! Now sizing is a weird thing I have some 18's that are too tight to wear and some 16s that fit me perfectly. I do know I can pull down a size 22 with out unbuttoning or un zipping them. Size 20's are too big I have baggy butt syndrome in them. I need to take them out of my closet, but when I feel bloated they still are my friends... I need to try on all of my 18s. I might as well wear them and get some use out of them before I shrink out of them!

Today when we did planks in class i was able to hold it for the full time. Pretty proud of myself for that feat. My core is finally strengthening. YIPPEEEEEEE!

Now if I can just make it through the evening without blowing my sensible eating.....LOL!

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