Monday, May 7, 2007

Struggles-working on over coming one

I'm over weight. I've fought weight since I was a teen. Back then I thought I was fat weighing 130 pounds ( I'd kill to weigh that now). Mom signed me up with her for Elaine Powers work studio when I was 17. I lost 31 pounds at 5'6" I was under weight. I stayed pretty much in my ideal body weight range till after I had my first baby. That when I started to gain weight not bad, but after my second baby I lost my battle with weight. By 2002 I was in a size 20 and over 200 pounds.

When I saw the photos of myself from the first convention I was totally mortified. I resolved to lose the weight. Since then I've been yo-yoing back and forth from 185 to 229. Gaining and losing the same 30 pounds. I'm currently on my third struggle back down to under 200 pounds. Last year I was under some major stress with a breast cancer scare, problems with my ex BF, and on going law suit. I'm a stress eater. Everything but the law suit has worked out for the best, BUT I'm stuck with the results of my stress.

I think this time I'll really make since for the first time my husband is fully on board. He is going to the personal trainer with me. Totally on board with the diet and exercise program, more so than I. I just wish he'd been there when I was trying to lose weight in 2002-2003. I'm a tad bit irritated with him about that, but the main thing is he is on board now. That is water under the bridge and it can't be changed now nor can I blame my eating on him. It so nice to have SUPPORT!

He is doing it so he'll be healthy and around. I'm so happy he is on board now! The weight was killing him. High Blood Pressure, borderline diabetes, cholesterol out of control...SO MUCH better now, after a month his doctor was VERY pleased. When he goes back for a check he may get off some of his medications!

So far after our first official weigh in the one month mark, Jim had lost 18 pounds and I lost 9. We've both lost more since that time. We also lost a bunch of inches! My goal is to be under 200 again by the end of May and for my size 18's to be lose!I took pictures of my fat bulges before we got started. I'm going to start making a weight loss album in a few months after those bulges are a memory. Still too fresh to start yet, but I think after 4 months. Will be a good time to document how far we both have come. We started mid-March so in July I hope to be starting our weigh loss journey album!Wish us luck!!!


Jan said...

Nine pounds is a really great start to your goal weight--way to go!!!

Sonia said...

good luck!