Thursday, May 3, 2007

Where's Andy ?

Remember where's Waldo? We do that with my brother's travels and places he lived. He's kind of an adventurer. Got a call Tuesday night from my brother, Andy. I admit the news he told me I'm still having trouble wrapping my head around. He said that they were moving to Qatar. I'd never even heard of the country. Geography not being on of my strong suits so that isn't really that amazing I'm embarrassed to admit. It's in the Middle East. They'll be there for at least two years that will bump Andy's retirement up so he can retire by 50 if he wants. He'll be heading up a language unit of some kind at the embassy. They've lived in other countries before (Germany, Israel ) so this shouldn't be such a shock. I guess it is the time frame they'll be in there by the end of summer. I was hoping we'd get to meet up this summer for a vacation. That means Christmas plans for Cancun are NOT happening. I'm really bummed about that since our Thanksgiving plans last year were tanked due to Cindy ( my SIL). She had an ovarian cyst that made her quite ill, poor girl! (Those suck I know first hand having one removed that twisted my left ovary when I was 23). I guess we'll be trying to see them before they go. we'll just have to fit that in this summer. Don't know that we'll make a trip to Qatar. The tourist photos look pretty awesome it's right on the ocean at least part of the country is. But it's right next Iraq. Who knows! It may be an awesome vacation spot. I guess we'll be learning a lot more about Qatar! Always good to expand ones horizons, right?

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Jan said...

Sorry your brother is moving so far away! I think he should move to Burgess Falls. I don't know where it is located, but that photo on the right is gorgeous!