Sunday, May 6, 2007


This is how I spent my NSD. I was SO looking forward to this going to the CK convention been a while since I went to one. Christy even came from Kentucky to go.

Sorry to be a downer, maybe I'm jaded or been to one too many events like this, but I was SO disappointed with the Nashville CK convention. I didn't take any classes or go to a crop, so maybe they were the cats-meow some how I doubt it. It seem so generic. No personality, no flavor could have been in any city in the USA or Canada. There wasn't even a banner as you went in, it seemed so cheaply done. The vendor floor was same-old-same-old! I could have gone on line and ordered anything on the sales floor. Not a new supply out there matter of fact there were several booths Like Deluxe Designs that were just selling off their stock because they are going out of business. The two busiest booths were everything is a dollar and the MAMBI clearence booth. To tell you the truth is was a bit depressing. I have to say I'm very glad to out of the business! It looks like it is dying a slow painful death.

I did buy stuff but no where near the amount I have in the past. I'd be up to $500 in no time. This time Christy and I went through the floor twice maybe $150 spent, again because I could buy it either on line or in a near by store.

I use to look forward to the conventions because I'd get all sorts of NEW stuff I'd never seen or tried. It was a exciting learning experience. I'd learn a lot at the demos or make and takes. SEI had a demo they used as Nag-Posh in 2000 iron on designs. Can you say recycle? Wow, I was underwhelmed. I guess for a new scrapper the demos and make and takes were good, but for a seasoned one...Yawn. Same as 2005. That is how long it's been since I went to a convention or trade show. In two years no one came up with something new? Did CK fall flat on putting out cutting edge stuff, I'd say YES. Maybe there isn't that much cutting edge stuff out there, or maybe it just true I'm jaded.

Christy and I did have a good time catching up. We had a wonderful lunch, and evening. But I think I'll skip the convention next time it comes around.

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Sonia said...

i had a good time in the 2 classes I took...but not many people there.