Friday, May 18, 2007

Scrapbook saving tips

What to do if missing a sticker letter AKA cannibalizing letters ( this also works with chip board)

It has happened to all of us we are going great guns on a layout, and BAM! you run out of a letter you need. You are doing a title or accentuating a journaling, and you are missing the 5th E. or e. Instead of running to the store , which may or may not still have the stickers you require, here is a quick fix. This will work with most block or standard letters really fancy ones it may not work or need more adjustments.

all the lay out "See Ya next Fall" the letters are cannibalized not enough E's

For capital letters

A’s a V can be used flipped upside down, and part of straight letter like a L or I or i can be used for middle with trimming.

B’s P or R and a small c

C’s O, Q or G can be trimmed

D’s C and L or I put together

E’s F and a small I

F’s E with bottom trimmed

G’s C with a small I or a Q trimmed

H’s N trimmed or two small l’s and small I

I’s L can be trimmed

J’s T and t or c

K’s L and i

M’s W or N and V trimmed

N’s M trimmed or V and L

O’s Two C or Q trimmed

P’s B trimmed or d upside down

Q’s O and y or two CC and y

R’s P and I
B trimmed and i

S’s two c
T’s L small i
F trimmed

U’s two small ll and c or O trimmed

V’s A flipped with the center trimmed

W’s M flipped and trimmed or L and V

X ‘s two small ll

Y’s i v

Z’s N or LL trimmed

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