Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Bragging about my daughter!

I'm so proud of my daughter, Courtney. For the third year in a row she has been on the principals list all year ( A average). She is working toward her goals. She join a service group, BETA, has helped the community with out my urging. She stretched herself and joined the Cross country team and kept improving.

She is now raising funds for her Australia trip. It has to be the funniest fund raiser ever the flamingo project! You plant flamingos ( those ugly lawn ones) in people's yards. Attached to the ugly birds is a sign saying to call Courtney. There is a fee for removal $10, you can have them placed in someone else yard for extra $5 and you can buy insurance for $5 to never get them back for $5. a real racket, huh? Any way it's a fun joke to play on someone, you don't get cookies, candles or candies you don't want. It very easy. One our flamingoes actually sings I found it at Big Lots. It's a hoot! Any way it's a cool fund raiser for just about any thing! I'm thinking it would be good for her mission trip next year. World Out Reach is going to Guatemala on a mission next summer. Courtney really wants to go and help.

Jim and I are both so proud of her!

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