Wednesday, May 30, 2007

precognition or is it just a dream?

I've been having the weirdest dreams lately not what you'd call pleasant either, more like disturbing. Just enough touches of reality to make me go, huh? Kind of freaks me out. Why does your mind do this when you are asleep? Some are way too out there to become real, but some just seem like they could happen...

Then there are the dreams a few years later that I go OMG! my dream is happening NOW. I've had a few of those experiences lately. Throws me off balance. I don't like the idea that my life is mapped out ahead of time at all. I dreamed about friends before I met them and about my husband before I met him too... Yup, a little freaky.

If I have to have these type dreams I wish they were a little more helpful! not just there to freak me out! What good is precognition ?


Rachael said...

Dreams are wierd! Some seem so real!

Kate said...

the one I think was the strangest for me was when i dreamed i was running through a parking lot to get to the movie theater to see this guy Jim. I knew of him but didn't know him. I was running with a girl I'd never met before to see Jim. Well, the next year when I was a senior in high school i was with my new best friend that just moved from PA running to the theater because the month before I'd met up with Jim and we started dating. As I was running across the parking lot it hit me THIS WAS MY DREAM. I find those rather unsettling...i married jim BTW.