Saturday, June 9, 2007


I weigh under 200 pounds!!! YIPPEE! Only 51 more pounds to lose! I've lost 30 pounds!

Yesterday I organized my closet. I can now get to all my lovely shoes and purses easily. I bought clear shoe containers for all the shoes not in boxes or that boxes were to damage. My bottoms are all in one place, my work out clothes in one place, cute tops, sweaters, jackets, and etc. Now I just have to go through sizes and put the ones I can wear now together and the future wear together. ( I have sizes 20 to 12 in my closet).

I donated 3 bags of clothes and three pairs of shoes (nice ones in boxes)to Goodwill. Now I have to do my drawers, organize my jewelry.

so far I have a GOOD START!


Rachael said...

woohoo!!! congrats to you!! What a huge accomplishment!!

congrats on the closet cleaning too! i need to do that!

Abbie said...


Abbie said...
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