Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I forgot the funniest part! add on to our weekend

I forgot the funniest part of the weekend trip on the boat. Poor dog first walked to the front of the boat and peed all over Jim life vest, with Jim freaking out the whole time (he does a great freak-out dance you should see it). We were anchored swimming at the time. We got that all cleaned up. About hour later we're cruising Jim is giving Courtney a boat driving lesson. All the sudden Jim makes this gasping noise and gets a real weird look on his face. Took him a second or two to compose himself, and he said Dyson is peeing on me. Sure enough Dyson has his leg up all tucked next to Jim peeing away. I about wet myself laughing so did Courtney and Katie. Poor dog had no where to go! Jim just jumped over board and rinsed off. That was funnier than my open mouth drooling on the way home....

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