Friday, June 8, 2007

Details ( up dates from past blogging)

Oops! I've been slacking off when it comes to blogging , and scrapping. The TIME factor is getting me. Things should be settling down though soon, at least in theory...

I've met my next mini goal in weight loss. My scale now reads 200 from 229. I rewarded myself and bough some comfy Born sandals. YEAH for ME! Size 20 is WAY too big! 18 is just right. Next mini goal is 190. Maybe I'll be able to slip into my 16s! I'm dying to see how many inches I've lost!

I'm loving my new Rebel camera. I have not downloaded the soft ware yet due to computer issues. As soon as I get that fix I will. I've been doing the Kodak machine thing. Very pleased with the prints.

Courtney's flamigo fund raiser is going GREAT! Baby sitting and dog watching too! She is well on her $1000. 00 goal! she'll at least come very close. Watch out Australia!

This weekend we're all about the lake barring bad weather or illness! Got the new sun shade for the boat. We've got to test it out! This should be FUN!

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