Sunday, June 3, 2007

Amazed, and rambling about my life

WOW! No one did anything nice for herself? That is awful! Or no one reads my blog, which is possible too...

I did something nice for me!

Pedicures are a little slice of heaven. I get one once a month. I call it maintaining my feet. I have the worst calluses on the planet! Maybe that is exaggerating a bit but they are awful. They use to crack and peel, and in general look gross. Pumas stones really just didn't do the trick. I don't have tips on my finger nails any more, so aside from getting my roots colored that's my whole beauty treatment.

I'm beginning to get frustrated I've hit this plateau and I can't seem to lose more weight stuck gaining and losing the same pound over and over all week. Hopefully I'm losing inches and gaining muscle. I still have a lot of fat to lose though...

I better finish filling out forms and get the insurance cards copied for the camp nurse. I hope Katie has a great time. I know I will! Katie is going through a rather unappealing phase right now. I hope it ends soon! I think getting her involved in as much as possible this summer will be the ticket. As soon as she gets back I'm getting her on swim team.
Of course it looks like rain because it has to the first day of camp. Tradition!

Jim is taking Courtney to her meeting and I'm going to camp to get Katie set up. Everything always has to be at the same time any more. So glad I'm not a single parent! So glad Jim isn't on a business trip! That last two things the girls have had have been on the same night at the same times.

We never got to the lake yesterday it rained... of course... we really had too much to do to go any way. Next weekend! ( last weekend was gorgeous but we stuck playing host to Jim's parents... enough said...)
We already talked to Melisa & Tim about next Sunday. They're game! Hope the weather cooperates!

Well, I've got to run to the store we have a mini emergency. No toilet paper! Just the rolls on the duty now and no back up...It could be BAD. ROFL!

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