Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 148 & 149

BEER BUTT CHICKEN made it Saturday. DELICIOUS! recipes all over the web find the one you love! Mine was extremely simple! Just poultry rub and a bit of olive oil and a dark beer.

So I ate 1100 calories Saturday and got back to 200.4 Yesterday, Jim and I ate out for breakfast. We then had candy in the movie (Hangover II NOt as good as the first one). Chinese food for dinner ( I ate three pieces of food that was fried). I got on the scales this morning 203. Some is water weight and general puff from eating bad I might have had 2300 calories though I'm suppose to maintain at that level. What is this I'm never allowed to have fun any more? Guess I should not have got on the scales. I wish Jim would quit tempting me to be BAD. I have a weak will.....YUP all his fault! Hey, I spent at least a hour yesterday day doing laps in the pool still didn't save my butt....

Today I'm doing all the classes offered at the MAC. That should work that General Tao chicken and fried rice off my ass!

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