Sunday, May 15, 2011

Day 133 (pantry cleaning day)

So I'm thinking we won't starve any time soon. I have enough ketchup to last us till at least Christmas probably longer. I'm going to try my hardest to use up all the old stuff before I'm tempted to buy more. Some stuff we just go through FAST. Fiber Plus bars, tuna, and, couscous we'll be out of by the first of June, maybe a week after. Anyway My pantry is all organized I know what I have in there and a few things we need but don't have (very few). I'll be shopping just for fresh and frozen stuff for a while.

I'm a puff ball and that's the way I'll be till my period starts. I am not torturing myself, NOT going near the scale till it starts. Today I'm eating anything I want in any amount I want it! ( I usually eat what ever I want but in tiny portions). I haven't eaten over 2000 in months heck 1800 calories even. So today is CHEAT day. Jim and I went out for HUGE breakfast already! I enjoyed every bite!

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