Monday, May 9, 2011

Day 127

200.4 Woo Hoo!!! I've lost a whole pound this month. Oh well it's a pound I don't have any more! I'm 4 ounce off my mini goal.
I've already rewarded myself though yesterday was Mother's Day and I went shopping! Bath and Body Works sent me a $10 coupon and I used it. Love the buy two get one free. I'm stocked up on my favorite. I also got some mini gifts. the ones I tuck away and use when I forget an occasion. They'll make nice graduation gifts too.

WE went out to lunch Saturday for an early Mom's day Linner ( Lunch & dinner mix) at Long Horn. I pigged out in a controlled fashion still 700 some calories in a meal is a lot. Jim bought cheese cake later on too. i celebrated the Preds play off in in Vancouver with half a piece. never had carrot cake cheese cake. Pretty good once you remove the icing. Why would you ever ice a cheese cake I don't know... Jim got me the start of a herb garden. Fresh herbs for our dinners!

Gotta get ready for ZUMBA! Maybe I'll lose those 4 ounces .....

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